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Calling All Writers---- Reviews?(footnotes)

October 17, 2020


I want to help. 
I want to change.
I want to grow. 
With each moment I learn more about myself.
I learn more about writing. 
And with that growth I want to help others grow.
Change is not always for the better.
And neither is growth.
But I want to grow my skills.
I want to become better.  
SO GUYSSS!!! I know I'm a little late for the speech writing competition... but I feel like doing some reviews. Please comment anything you want reviewed below and I will try to get to it :) I can't promise that I'll get to it right away but...
I'll do it in the order that the comments come. 
Happy writing.


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  • RemovedUser1

    Hey Madeline! If you would like, could you review my piece “The Hidden Among Us,” I would happily review yours! I’m on my third draft, but any feedback is helpful.
    Replying: Thanks!
    Yeah, it’s difficult. That would actually be pretty nice, XD. It’s common core, and my mom doesn’t really know that. My moms says you can give me your email :). If you put it on one of my old pieces, it’s less likely someone else will see it.
    I can do math well once I understand how to do it. For example, I did LCMs (used in other problems) for like 3 months, and by the end I was pretty good. But learning it’s hard.
    Haha, that is strange. I usually find someone’s either really good at Math or really good at English. (I’d like to say I’m the latter, XD.)
    Huh, why’d they do that? That seems... backwards. Literally.
    Yes! And shouldn’t they, like, ease you into it? I know college is important, but what if someone doesn’t want to go to college? Well, graduating is important very important. I spend much longer doing school than the other kids, and my co-op has much more homework XD. But, I can handle it *puts on some shades and starts playing cool jams*.

    7 months ago
  • rwong

    hey!! could you please review my speech, titled "Good." ? (sorry that punctuation...looks horrible haha) I would really really appreciate it :D thank you so much (especially for the offer too!—I haven't gotten any reviews but i don't really wanna bug people about reviewing it) thanks again!!

    7 months ago
  • Mpm#1

    It's awesome that you offered to do this! I'm not participating; I just wanted to tell you this is an awesome poem!! :)

    7 months ago
  • mirkat

    Yes, thanks. Can you look at my fiction short story/flash fiction (even though it's pretty long) called "I'm Free Now"? Not a lot of ppl have reviewed it/liked it/commented on it and I want to see if I can improve on it and your thoughts. Thanks again!

    7 months ago
  • doodleninja

    aw thanks so much for offering this! If you could review my speech "Wield It Well", that would be lovely! I'd just like to hear your thoughts on it :)

    7 months ago