the cosmic horror (#Queenie'sHalloween)

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'cosmogyral' means to twirl around the universe, but you can just call me caleb.
bsa, venturing, sophomore.
i like alt lo-fi, poetry and feminism.
when i was a kid, i wanted to be a storm chaser, but now i can't really see myself doing it

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i wanna feel breathless

Current collections (I say collections because i don't like separate titles):
- an ode to the stars i stole from the sky
- Autumn
-Fast Pieces (literally pieces I put no thought into and just publish)
-Some slightly controversial topics that are slightly tantalizing to discuss, but we're going to anyway.
Competition Pieces: I am not a Writer

changed my username for halloween, haha

got my pfp off of google, neat, right?

because i am cosmogyral

October 18, 2020

PROMPT: Why I Write


i write for no one
but myself
and if you find solace in a sentence
...thank you.

and i believe writing solely for others
would be cruel to my status
as a person who writes
i write for this opinion that few are ever a fan of

there's a certain sadness
in being your on villain
so that others
may become their own hero
so i write

and i write
because once there was a time
where i outstretched my arms
and spun around in circles
and in my head, i yelled,
"We are cosmogyral!"
while my peers called me crazy.


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