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Take this with a grain of salt, good people. There's a lot still to be discovered about Miss Fulbrook. I have Pinterest boards on all my characters if you're interested, as well as Victorian clothing. Find my *professional* account on Pinterest at FaithMcKinnonWrites. It's a wonderland of aesthetics and vintage clothing. And writing stuff.

Items Hidden on the Person of a Young British Lady in 1875 in the Espionage Business

October 16, 2020

PROMPT: Inventory

Miss Alencia Clove Fulbrook. Age 19. Currently resides in a derelict hotel in an alternate imagining of London, England as an initiate of an espionage society dedicated to preserving the fae bloodlines, bringing faefolk back to genetic purity, and halting interbreeding between humans and faefolk.

Things one would find on her person or in her reticule (which hangs from her chatelaine as well):

Spools of red, blue, white, and green thread of various widths and durability (reticule)

Tarnished sewing scissors, hanging from her chatelaine

A small and elegant handgun inlaid with dark wood, somewhere in the region of her bustle

Two tiny ink pots in black and green; the green one is labeled 'caution: do not touch' (reticule)

Two fountain pens and a stick of graphite; one pen has tiny blue and gray feathers glued hastily to the top in a fan shape (reticule)

A delicate beaded fan, with floral patterns painted on and a leather guard across the blades on top, which hangs from her chatelaine

Three small bottles that would be deadly to confuse with one another: a lemon-rose tincture for revival and covering scents; a potent dose of chloroform; undiluted ammonia (reticule)

A small iron key with several ridges along it, in a hidden pocket at the waist

A hand-me-down sterling silver dance card holder (carnet de bal) hanging from her chatelaine 

A biscuit or two or three (reticule)

I'm still figuring out some worldbuilding for my story. In fact, I've changed the entire premise multiple times. Yesterday I decided to make it an alternate universe England, similar to Gail Carriger's Parasolverse, except it's not supernatural. More detail to come later. It's still a proper Victorian era, because I love this era, and Miss Fulbrook can still be a proper young lady while learning to obtain, manipulate, and possibly kill a man. More to come later. 


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  • chasing sunsets

    Re: aww thank you! just gotta say I love you're username

    7 months ago
  • Emi

    I love this character! If you have any stories about her, I would absolutely read them! I could see her starring in a best-selling novel!

    7 months ago
  • chasing sunsets

    I love this idea!
    Re: thanks!! and same ;)

    7 months ago