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thought i'd pop by and say hi before the weekend-
oh, still downing in schoolwork and on semi-haitus ;)

my love life but it's a video game quest. you're welcome.

October 16, 2020


Your quest, if you choose to accept it, is one of horror.
You must travel through the the sea, that's full of plenty of fish- fish that are DANGEROUS and will break your heart. Literally. 
You must then trek up the Mount Cheesey Pick Up Lines and sojourn to the Jungle of Awkward Hand Holding (because why are my hands sweating?!).
Try to avoid the Desert of Loneliness, Netflix Binging, and Icecream at all costs- it only brings pain, although it's a popular vacation spot by Valentine's Day. 
Your goal: The Cute Guy Who Works at Chick- fil- A.
Good luck, and godspeed.


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