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The Plant Prince - 1

October 16, 2020


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far, away, when the Gods still ruled the Earth with their mighty fists..
Okay, let's just stick with 'Once upon a time', shall we?

Once upon a time-
There was a prince who was raised by two ordinary royals. The prince's mother had no interest in his son when he was born; she only named him, and then passed him off to his governess to be raised. The prince's father was liked by all of those in his court and loved his son as much as he could..except that they could rarely agree on much. Once he grew out of his governess, the prince raised himself. Sad and alone, he was..until he gathered the courage to peer out beyond his grey-stoned chambers. In the royal garden, he saw colors that he thought could never exist, and witnessed life bloom before his very eyes. After night after night of dreaming-he gathered the courage to sneak out when the moon was between waxing and waining. He spent the entirety of the night sketching the myriad of different buds and blossoms. He was in his own Heaven- except on Earth.

Days turned into fortnights, fortnights turned into months, and months to years. Still, every day without fail, the prince would sit and sketch in the gardens. As his knowledge of his enclosed, yet rich world grew, so did he and his charisma. He gathered the attention of maidens and ladies-in-waiting alike, and though he was polite, he didn't feel any sort of lust or interest towards them. Ever since his mother had read him the epic tales of Greek mythology, he was fascinated with the nymphs that Zeus managed to seduce time and time again. He was determined to find a woman who was as patient, and as whimsical as a nymph was described to be. 

His prayers were answered when a suitor arrived from a neighboring kingdom, a young princess and her brother, who was crowned the king of the neighboring kingdom when his mother died and his father fled from his post as king with an unnamed mistress. Princess Lucia was kind, gentle, and beautiful. She and the prince seemed to have a lot of chemistry, and their passion for each other was displayed in the royal gardens when they kissed for the first time. 
The next morning, the final day of Princess Lucia's visit, the prince pleaded with her brother, King Reginald for her hand in marriage. 
"I don't believe I ever learned your name," He told the prince petulantly as he smirked into his tin tumbler of cider. "Remind me if you will, boy?"
"Prince Ezra, your Highness." Prince Ezra kissed the King's hand, which smelled like the finest cologne, he noticed. "Your sister, Princess Lucia, has stolen my heart. I wish to bind our two kingdoms together in holy matrimony, along with giving her the best life I can wholly provide." 
King Reginald's eyes widened a little bit. His teeth glinted as he smiled thinly, then. "Ah. Well, if your intentions are true, then you may have my sister's hand in marriage. I will speak to your father concerning this matter."
Prince Ezra's heart fluttered; could this really be? Would he really be able to spend all of eternity with the one he loved?
Then, the day came. Princess Lucia and Prince Ezra were married in holy matrimony. Lucia looked like an angelic spirit in a simple white frock, and a sterling silver tiara. Ezra could not have cared less about how he looked in that moment-as they were about to embrace for the first time in the eyes of their court, the chapel doors blew open. 

A dark wisp encased the house of worship in darkness, and took Princess Lucia hostage in the murderous grips of its ivory talons. Prince Ezra watched in horror as his new wife withered and collapsed before him, completely lifeless. The wisp let out a throaty cackle and left. Prince Ezra rushed to her side and cradled her body in his arms, willing her to wake up. 
Fortunately, she was not passed on..yet. The High Court of their conjoined kingdom convened in what they deemed a 'time of great peril'. It was decided that Princess Lucia would be placed in a glass coffin, laced with healing magic. Prince Ezra stayed by her coffin for days and night, unable to eat or sleep.
"My dear," He croaked as the sun rose in an orangey streak. "I promise I will..stay by your side until you are well again.." 

But he knew that wasn't the truth. He pulled a dagger from his cloak pocket and fingered the golden handle. The feeling of revenge that swirled about within him had become violent. He needed to find the wisp and make sure she paid for what she had done to his beloved.

To be continued..

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  • ~madeline~

    Re: fjaoianfjaijfi. I love it already!!!! And somehow I have a feeling I will like this even more than "bloom" and "mold" it just looks soooo intriguing!!!!!!

    7 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    Re: :( but i get it. you write for you, not for your audience/fans/others. we'll miss it, but completely makes sense. and i'm sure you've got several other intriguing ideas ready to be written.

    7 months ago