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Put respect on Jack Skellington’s name
Do I have any book crushes? No… it’s quite strange. I’ll settle for Leo Valdez tho
Bill Cipher is my spirit animal
We stan CN in this household
I’m not marrying Jung Hoseok ;-;

Scorpio Playlist pt. 1

October 15, 2020


I’m an African woman 
Something people know 
Yet I still can’t handle spicy food 
And that includes Flaming Hot Cheetos 

We may be separated 
But I’ll See You Again 
At least we’re both still here 
At least we’re still friends 

Why do we wake in The Morning?
What does our brain have against night?
Someone please tell me who determined?
What was wrong and what was right? 

Dad is working After Hours 
That means I get to leave 
Where should we go? 
I have yet to lay in a bed of flowers 

The sound of sirens fall down 
And they have yet to gain my Trust 
When the people decide their future 
I’ll be inside where they can’t see my skin rust 

I mentioned flowers before 
So I made my way to The Hills 
Happiness filled my core 
Have you seen my pills?
This is not my playlist. I’m not sure if I can credit the creator with their name, but I will anyways. Playlist belongs to piper on Spotify.


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