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Okayy people important:
Remember that novel kind of thing i was writing? Miracle inn? Well then I stopped. Why? Partly because Im lazy but also because I didn't find it good enough. It was missing details and stuff. So, now I will be fixing it up. Like not on wtw, because it gets complicated but I wont be completing it because it still needs a lot of work. If anyone is dreading this and wants to kill me, just let me know and i'll tell you the plot and ending. I know im very nice.
Also, checkout Karma's_Coming: Reagan and Caspian series because its THE best.
And, I love you all :)

Miracle inn: chapter 7: Complicated possibilities.

October 14, 2020


I was out on the porch, at a very unusual time of the night. My mind was somehow not at rest. The fact that everything was actually working made me very happy. But there was a kind of tingling sensation in me, I felt like something was wrong. Or maybe things were finally right. The scene of Troy getting closer to me and Robert acting against it replayed itself in my mind. Why would Troy get closer to me? And why would Robert have a problem with it? As far as I remember, the girl he left me for, was way more beautiful and... I dont know, good for him. Why then was he envious of me? After all he IS the one who told me to find someone better for myself. But why am I even considering Troy as an option of replacement? I vowed to do nothing like that and I have no wish of doing so either. I know Sam would tell me to take a chance on this but the thing is, I dont want to, I'm perfectly happy. And I have no interest in Troy whatsoever. And nothing was gonna be wrong now so I shouldn't be worrying about it. I should be in bed, waking up to a  beautiful and successful day in a new life. And that was exactly what I was gonna do when no one but Troy himself jumped out at my out of nowhere. I fell back in one of the many chairs that sat on either side of the porch and Troy gave me a hand to steady me up. I wanted to be rude. But that was more like Sam. So I passed him a flustered smile instead. 
"Hi!" He said rather enthusiastically.
"Umm hey, what're you doing here?" I promise I'm not a rude person.
"I could ask you the same thing." Is he challenging me??
"Oh, I couldn't sleep, so I came out to free my mind. Now, your turn."
"I saw you out here all alone, so I came to check on you." As a side note, Troy and Clara live inside the inn, in one of the empty rooms. They should've been together by now, but Clara works out her long distance relationship really well.
" Really, you didn't have to. Im twenty nine, I think I'm permitted to be out in the night if I want to, by now." Okay that WAS rude.
"I'm sorry, didn't mean to intrude. I just kinda realised that you were in a sticky situation, you know with your ex at the inn so I was concerned. But I'll go now."
"Hey Troy, I fully appreciate your concern. But I dont give a damn about him, so just dont you give a damn about him either. You wanna stay for hot chocolate?" I should not have done that!!!
" Sure."
So yes, I stayed for hot chocolate in the middle of the night with a guy I swore to stay away from. Sometimes, my own mind scares me.

The morning was beautiful, I know I dont fully appreciate this avalance thingy, but I secretely do, because the inn looks like heaven and I love waking up to another beautiful morning. But the first news that greeted me was bad. "The christmas lights blew away during the night so you'll have to put up new ones. I would rather do it myself but Sam already burnt two loaves of bread and she doesn't wanna face you. But Troy is free if you need help." Clara told me as soon as I got downstairs. I said I'll do it myself. So I went up on the rooftop with another bundle of colourful lights and I gotta say I did pretty well till I got to the middle of the rooftop part. This area was more slippery than the rest and I had to remove alot of snow all with my hands. So I was just resting, sitting right in the middle with the lights in my lap, when out of nowhere I SLIPPED BACKWARDS and my head was just about to hit the ground when TROY caught me in a very bad situation. So now I was in his arms, tangled in christmas lights with him grinning at me. And if I take a look inside, Robert has that expression on his face. That expression that I know so well. That expression that says he's about to kill someone. And kaitlyn probably shipping us badly. Or atleast her cringy grin says so. And a very covered in flour Sam cheering on us and in the process of doing so, completely ruining the only acceptable loaf of bread that she made. I dont think we're having breakfast today. But then again, no one could possibly be hungry by now.
What do you even make of this chapter?

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