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Under the Red Iowa Sunset

October 14, 2020


At times I believe I have found peace

Under the red Iowa sunset
Cranking homemade ice cream
The dust of the harvest settling over the fields
My golden haired friend dancing to the Sound of Music
If only, I think, I could live this moment over and over 

At times I believe I have found peace 

In the quiet of the library
The stories swirling around me
and filling my soul with magic, and hope, and wonder
Each librarian greeting me by name
Each book inviting me in

A times I believe I have found peace

Nestled in the hammock with my friends
the crisp fall air tickling my nose
My arms wrapped around the one as she 
whispers secrets in my ear
My feet going numb underneath the other
as he strains to hear

At times I believe I have found peace

When my dear sister looks at me 
A mixture of adoration and joy on her face
as she takes my hands and twirls me around
she giggles as she says how she missed me
I swallow the tears and wish she would never 
grow old 

At times I believe I have found peace
but it evaporates into thin air
and leaves me with longing 
For eternity someday


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1 Comment
  • Emi

    I love how you capture each setting! You really transported me into the library or the fields in Iowa (which now I want to visit!).

    5 months ago