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hello dears! this is out of my comfort zone for sure, so any and all feedback is appreciated. i know i'm not as active on wtw anymore, life is a lot right now. but i will try to check out some pieces while i'm here!

feelings burn concrete

October 14, 2020


I am so sorry to the people who had to see
When vivid brushstrokes turned to ashy ink
And smiling angels
Dipped into evil seas.

A mother stands with her child on the line for the ferry, gripping onto his tiny wrist while the rest of his body flails about. His eyes shine with a longing  to see more of the world. I am not sure the boy knows how much his mother loves him, or how much good she is doing by shielding him from what the rest of us know.

It pours in the city today, and so the coffee shops are fuller than usual with people sipping earl greys and expensive lattes, munching on scones and twenty-dollar avocado toasts. American escapism. It’s something we do so well.

Pigeons remind us that we aren’t the only ones left, yet gone are the plump birds of our golden years. Their skeletal frames peck at bread on the sidewalk; wonder loaf becomes more of a delicacy with each new day. At this point, they’ll take stomped-on bubblegum for dinner. So will we.

I think we took too long. Or maybe we came up too short, found out too soon. If we never knew, would it hurt so dearly? To know that these grandchildren are the last of any species, that thousands have been lost on attempts to reach the cosmos, that the very last day could have been the night before? I think I would have rather simply slipped away.
We spent so much money shooting for Mars that we gave up on our mother. And she would have nurtured us, had we been better children.

And so the moon glows bright,
A safe million miles away
As the very last candles blow out;
Man’s first creation.
His ticket out of animalism and the savage realm
Is also the product
That engulfs what he built
And erases what is left of him.



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  • Anlee

    this hits really hard, especially "We spent so much money shooting for Mars that we gave up on our mother." really digging the imagery and self-reflections

    4 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    I love this piece but can't think of anything interesting to comment XP
    Also, I noticed that you're a junior but still 15. I guess the age cutoff in whatever state you're in is different because I'm pretty sure ours is late September or maybe the first week of October (or at least that's what it was when we started school) (meaning my bro and I are always younger than everyone).

    8 days ago