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screw neverland

October 13, 2020


screw neverland
i want to grow up
i want to be eighteen
im not afraid anymore
more than anything, im just angry
angry because

apparently i have 
absolutely no say 
in anything that happens to me
none of my possessions are actually mine

apparently im just
a dumb kid whos brain
is turning to mush because
im on social media too much

apparently i dont
 have feelings
im just some object
for my parents to fight over

i want to grow up
and get a job
move into an apartment
pay for my own things
make my own choices
without looking over
my shoulder wondering 
what my parents will think

i'll have a girlfriend
i'll move to New York
or Los Angeles
in other words
i'll leave my town
leave my family
leave everything

i'll be a freelance graphic designer
i'll marry the perfect person
buy a farm out in the countryside
and live happily ever after
we'll spend christmas with their family
because according to my mother
im a disappointment

i can make my own choices
i can do my own thing
i can make myself happy
screw neverland
i want to be eighteen

screw neverland y'all i can make it on my own


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  • Paisley Blue

    LOVE this <3

    7 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    you CAN make it on your own! we all believe in you!<3333

    7 months ago