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Message to Readers

This is the beginning of my speech, and I'll progress more. My topic is that people must accept how different people have different morals and opinions (as I've explained that morals and opinions clash together), and I'll get to how it's important to "accept" later in my speech.
Is this overly casual? The guidelines say that it's important to sound human and write like how I'd normally talk, and I think I may or may not be overdoing it.
Please give me some feedback though!

Justification of Crime

October 13, 2020

    A lot of us say that a little bit of bad is okay. It's okay to eat desserts once in a while on your diet, and it's okay to procrastinate on work once in a while as long as it doesn't turn into a habit. Let's switch the words up a little bit. It's okay to steal when you're in a financial crisis, and it's okay to murder some people as long as doesn't turn into a habit. Is a little bit of bad still okay? Although most would definitely say that the items I just listed is not okay, on a different stand point, some may say differently. Morals and opinions clash together, as there's a certain extent to when an opinion can be about morals, and when morals become opinions. 
    Theft is illegal for practically all countries, as it's decently agreeable that taking someone else's items without their consent is unmoral. On the other hand, if I phrased the situation differently, I may be able to change your mind. Suppose that you're a bird, a black-capped chickadee to be specific, and your human friend hasn't eaten in four days due to poverty. When your human friend pops his head into McDonald's to relief himself from the chills of winter and sees a whopper out in the open, and physically unclaimed, he swipes it under his coat and leaves the restaurant. You being a bird, would you fly in there and dry attention to your friend to stop him from stealing? Or would you consider that he hasn't eaten in four days, and that McDonald's wouldn't lose much profit over one whopper? After all, according to Fast Food Menu Prices, the average whopper is around $3.49. Although what your friend did was unlawful, would you say that it was unmoral? I'm sure that some may say that it was, and some may say that it wasn't. 
It's me again! I'm not dead :), I've just had lots of work and haven't had lots of time to write sadly. 


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  • (sk)eyesofocher

    re: actually noooo, I have not heard of it but they are to real people. I just wanted to kinda yell into the distance lol

    11 months ago
  • Emi

    Hmmm, this is definitely food for thought. I don't agree that morals are relative; there needs to be a set moral code or else there would be chaos in the world. If I thought it was okay to kill my neighbor, that doesn't make it okay. But I do completely understand why a homeless person would steal, and I do feel like there needs to be some leeway there. I also believe people need to help the homeless and not drive them to the point of stealing, because it almost makes it their faults then, too. I can see why people would be driven to desperation there, and I would hope that a judge would offer a lesser penalty (however, technically the homeless person would be fed in prison, and if he isn't doing anything else in his life, would that almost be better?) Just some things to think about.

    11 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Re: hey! How’re you? Thank you!!! Yes I’ve got a lot too! XD

    11 months ago