Laasya Kompella

United States

Self described poet, activist, and author.
South Asian and second generation immigrant
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This is just a portfolio of my writing. It'll mainly be poems, but occasionally other kinds of work like fiction, opinion, speeches, etc.

Room of Mine

October 13, 2020


Someone has bottled despair
And poured it into my existence
Someone has put out the flame
That once was my resistance

Mourning, solemn gray
Has conquered the once blue sky
Someone has silenced the sun
And out out the stars' last cry

And so I am stuck 
In this dark, dank room of mine
Day and night mingle
Dream and reality intertwine

I see the ghost of sunlight 
Through a tiny window
I see an once prominent
Promise of tomorrow

But what's the point, I think,
Of useless hopes and dreams?
The moment you reach out a hand
They tear at the seams

And so I stay 
In this dark, dank room of mine
Not caring that I am going down,
Drowning in the brine

And yet, the sunlight lingers
Dancing behind the glass
Still I give a blind eye,
Knowing that it will pass

But it stay through today
And stretches out to tomorrow
And despite my truer conscience
I wonder if I should follow

Because, well, can I really stay 
In this dark, dank room of mine?
I suppose I should admit it:
My life is anything but fine

And so with mounting effort,
I look up at the gleam
And for the first time in eternity,
I start to dream

And then, I take flight!
Soaring through the skies
Color seeps back into me
My worry and doubt dies

And then I see something new
In this dark, dank room of mine
A door to another place
Dare I cross it?

Yes, I think it's time.


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  • Paisley Blue

    Wow, love this--your rhyming and imagery are stunning. Great piece! :)

    3 months ago
  • BlueWolf

    I love the rhyming! Talking about the room is intriguing and a cool concept!

    3 months ago
  • Book Kitten

    This is so powerful!!
    I really like the way you wrote it!!
    Well done!

    3 months ago