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It is not what you think ((muithilangao))

October 14, 2020


Prompt: A city behind the stars by Crystalline Galaxies

  A city where gods may roam, and where stars will die. This place is hidden from peering minds because it is not theirs. There are rumors of what it truly is, a graveyard, a cult, a myth. Those who rumor it to be beautiful are labeled crazy, and those who pursue its existence are cynics. Another myth would be that it is the afterlife of all that is living. It is not. 
  I've collected the rumors among the galaxy of what the city is supposed to be, and I tell them to you, because as soon as I've finished writing, I will burn, and claim my place along with dying rumors and forgotten legends. 
  The city drifts through space under the careful watch of its approaching stars, it often drifts between time and through the universe, fleeing from wandering inquiries so that it may never be caught. "Warm and lovely" is how it's romanticized. The streets are made of moss, and flowers hang from every surface, and it is humid to sustain any life. There are pools of gold and sweet water, fountains of warmed wine and beautiful men, and noblewomen. The city is always draped in blue light contrasting beautifully with the warm glow of common lamps and the silver of the starlight by which it is protected. You could almost say it was cold, too much for such a bustling place. The beings, they were humanoid, with long hair that was singularly blue and yellow and silver, and they glowed, in any light, as well as the stars that would hide them, they glowed, and they were beautiful. And one particular rumor founded in a drunk tavern over lost love would say, their eyes were dark, and so easy to lose yourself in, yet they lacked something great, something humanoid. That rumor evolved to say they lacked a soul. Those beings eventually became a silent myth to which everyone would strive to be, they became the picture of finality: beautiful, lovely, but in the end, without a soul. It's speculation that everything had a price. 
 These were the Sun Hai, many believed them the lost, those who died unfairly in the eyes of the eldest of the universe, and were granted godhood to compensate. 
  This city, where no-man could ever be lonely and no-woman would ever be sad, was coined to be the aspiration of the afterlife. The stars would send their chosen one's dreams, in hopes that one day, the city will be caught. This is, of course, a silly myth. How I wish it was real, a place where dreams are never-ending.
   The name of this city has no origin, no-one knows who first uttered it, but it feels right, like the ancient and mother tongue of the universe, the name - it is 'Thaotai', the false city. 

    And Thaotai is where the stars go to die.
This is legit a plot in my upcoming story. Thanks for the prompt, lmao

'muithilangao' short for 'mueangthiayubueanglangdao' which means 'a city behind the stars'
'thaotai' is short for 'thidaotai' is 'where stars die, unseen'
'sun hai' is "lost"


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  • Paisley Blue

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! wOW! I'm stunned by this. You just transported me to a place of cold happiness and hidden sorrow <3 wow i love this so much!! If you write a story off of this, i REALLY want to read it!!! <3 <3 <3

    7 months ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    woah. i'm actually speechless. this is soooo good! your worldbuilding imagery is spectacular. i'm in awe at how visual this whole entire thing is and how easy it is to see it form in my mind. and that last line?? that absolutely clobbered me over the head with its brilliance. thank you so much for trying the prompt! i was hoping it was good enough to make into something spectacular, and you definitely proved that. i'll be coming back to read this again and again.

    7 months ago