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Est. October 13, 2020!

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I'd love to get any feedback to improve my writing style! This was based more on emotion so it may seem a bit wonky, but this is how I convey myself. I'll gladly keep an open mind to any opinions <33

Little Love

October 13, 2020


How come you never understand
This pain that swallows me up?
Demons that feast on this trauma and pain of mine.

I've told you this many times little love
Please listen to me.

I know I may be confusing little love

And so many more

But is it so much to ask for you to lend an ear?

I understand our history -- but little love

I write my heart out in little spaces,
The ones you shoot your daggers towards
It's foolish, isn't it? 
To pour my heart out using a limited amount of characters.

These tears can't seem to stop little love
How come you're the one who causes them?

Kiss me goodnight; love me in spite
Is it too much to ask for your love?
As freezing as ice, but as warm as the summer heat;
make up your mind.

You pull my heart in one direction little love
But you proceed to stomp on it the next --
leaving shattered pieces of what it once was on the cold pavement.
I still pick up those poor raw pieces
And place them in your hands once more.

My little love, it's freezing without you here.
I know you're warming up another --
So don't worry about me.
I'm used to this freezing winter 
Especially when I'm on my own
Without you.
So yeah, hi! This is my first piece of writing here, hello! I hope you enjoy this -- and this is actually pretty personal for me! I really do hope you enjoy reading this, and if you have anything that I should improve on, please let me know <3. Thank you for reading


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  • Anlee

    "My little love, it's freezing without you here.
    I know you're warming up another --"
    wow! this is so stunning~ welcome to the wtw community! we're so lucky to have such a gifted writer here <33

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    woah this is amazing! Like Boo! Kitten said, welcome to wtw!! Its great to meet you! If you have any questions--like, literally about anything--feel free to drop a comment on any of my pieces. Happy writing!! :)

    3 months ago
  • Book Kitten

    I really enjoyed reading this!!!
    Great job!!
    Also if you have any questions you can ask me! I am also pretty new so I won’t have all the answers, but I will try my best.

    Welcome and keep writing!!

    3 months ago