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I wrote this in sixth grade XD

The Phantom

October 13, 2020



Anna frowned. The house was nothing like she had imagined. She had expected a pretty beige house with maroon shutters and a matching door, and maybe a large yard with a towering tree to hang a swing from and a white picket fence. Instead, she was stuck with an abnormally broken down house with missing shutters, dead grass and trees, and only the scarce remains of a fence that had once been standing strong. 
The entire yard was covered in a thick layer of fog, but the worst part about it was that the kids down the street had told her a rumor of malicious spirits living in the house. Before the old woman who had previously lived in it passed away, she left a window open and the house had been haunted ever since. No one had ever gone in and came out alive since then, so the house had started to collapse. 
Anna didn’t believe any of this nonsense; she was twelve and had learned enough in her studies to know that there was no such thing as a “malicious spirit”. But the house still gave off a weird and eerie feel. Lord, whenever people drive by my house, they are going to taunt it, thought Anna. As if I wasn’t teased enough.
Anna had been laughed at her old school for her short and sharp red hair, freckles, and enormous eyeglasses. She was very clumsy and fell down in school quite a few times a day, spilling all of her books. Anna grimaced at the memories and reluctantly followed her family into the decaying house. 
It was worse on the interior. The couch was ripped up and the wallpaper was peeling, and the stove was missing three burners. Anna checked the bathrooms. There were countless leaks all over the ceiling.  All she heard was drip, drip drip. The ceramic toilet seat was cracked, the green tile on the floor was fractured and insecure, and the shower head had fallen off of the wall. Anna left the second floor bathroom, confused and questioning why her parents wanted this disgusting house. 
Suddenly, Anna stepped on something furry and jelly-like. She looked down and gagged. There were dead mice all over the muggy floor. When Polly sees this, she is going to freak out! I’m freaking out! This is so very revolting! thought Anna.
Anna decided to check out the basement, thinking it would be the worst room in the house. Surprisingly, it was. . .  clean. Just grand and beautiful. Nothing was ripped apart or missing, and there was even a bathroom and a kitchenette. Anna squealed. She HAD to have this bedroom. 
Anna ran upstairs and yelled, “I claim the basement!” Panting, she looked at Polly and made eye contact with her. Polly gave Anna a sly smirk that clearly said, “Too late, loser.” 
Anna’s mom then proceeded to unenthusiastically explain that Polly already asked her and gotten the glorious bedroom. 
Anna was livid. “Which one do I get?” she asked, gritting her teeth.
“You’ll get the third-floor turret room. It doesn’t have a bathroom connected to it, but there’s one down the hall,” explained Anna’s mother, sighing.
Anna scowled and clomped up the stairs to her bedroom. When she got there, she gasped. The window was open.
Faded pink curtains drifted lazily to the right of the windowsill while Anna paced around her new bedroom, panicking about the open window. “Who would let this happen?” she said frantically to herself. “Why didn’t anyone come here to fix this house in the first place? The evil spirits are somewhere in the house and they’ll probably take my family and me and maybe even murder us!” 
Suddenly, Anna sighed. “What am I saying? This is all nonsense. I’m letting this rumor get to my head. Evil spirits are not real, and that’s that.” Then, she smiled. “This house has just had so many years of wear and tear that it couldn’t possibly be a nice one. All it needs is a good-old-fashioned cleaning.” 
For the rest of the day, Anna and her sister polished, dusted, and scrubbed while their parents called the plumber, electrician, heating and air department, and gas department, not to mention the gutter cleaners and landscapers. They all came and left, and by nine at night the house was looking as good as new. The only important thing that the house was missing was stylish furniture and accessories, but that would come in the moving truck the next day. Anna went to sleep in her teal sleeping bag feeling elated, and she knew that life wouldn’t be so bad in her new house.
Anna woke up with a start and looked at her watch. One forty-seven. Lord, it’s late, she thought. She was just beginning to wonder what had woken her up when she heard a loud thump. That was followed by the creak of a door and then some heavy footsteps right outside of her thin, insecure door. Anna became terrified and started to breathe much faster. Her sister’s bedroom was all the way in the basement while her parents were sleeping on the second floor with their own bathroom, so there was no reason any of her family would be on the highest, most frightening floor. 
Anna started to overreact, but then she relaxed and laid back down on the cold, wooden floor. It’s just Otis. Dumb dog, she thought. Otis was their dog, a fluffy golden labradoodle. Anna smiled and fell back asleep.
When Anna woke up, she saw Otis next to her. She gasped and realised that Otis had been next to her during the night, sound asleep the entire time. Well, if it wasn’t Otis, than who was it? she thought. Anna was starting to believe the whole evil spirits thing, because there wasn’t any other reasonable answer that she could think of. 
Anna dashed downstairs to the kitchen and found her sister getting some cereal. “Polly! Polly! You’ll never believe what happened last night!” she exclaimed. Anna then advanced to tell Polly the entire story, from waking up in the middle of the night to finding Otis in the morning. Polly just shrugged and said, “You were probably dreaming.” 
Anna just didn’t believe her sister and spent the rest of the day pondering about what the strange footsteps she heard could have been during the night. She also gave her flashlight new batteries, just in case she wanted to investigate the situation. When her parents unpacked the moving truck, she was so preoccupied in her own thoughts that she didn’t even bother to open her boxes and decorate her room. Her dad put her white bed and matching dresser in her empty bedroom, but that was it.  
When Anna went to sleep that night, Anna made sure that her flashlight was extra bright and that her door was locked tight.
That night, the mysterious footsteps returned, louder than ever. Anna quickly woke up, excited but frightened. As she turned the doorknob, she rethought her choice. Should I stay in the solicity of my bedroom, or should I observe the strange footsteps? Suddenly, she heard a weird noise like a sound wave, long and ear-splitting. She winced, covered her ears, opened her door, and carefully but confidently tiptoed down the hallway. As she turned the corner, she saw a huge figure, cloaked all in black and floating gently above the ground like a ship sailing across a gentle ocean. It was so terrifying yet so beautiful, and Anna couldn’t manage to peel her eyes off of it. Wisps of thin black silk drifted leisurely around the bottom of the mystical creature. A thick hood covered the face of the figure, and its fingers were spiky and sharp. Anna broke out of her trance and tried to scream, but nothing came out. She turned and ran as fast as she could down what seemed like the never-ending hallway, but the creature was too fast for her; it grabbed Anna by the ankles, picked her up, and took her, screaming voice and all, into the dark closet at the end of the hallway, never to be seen again.
Questions still hang in the air. What happened to her parents? How did they deal with the loss of their daughter? Were they taken too? Was Anna’s body ever found? But we can only guess the answers.


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