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Looking for someone to collaborate with on a sci-fi story
I Have a good character and world and backstory but no plot or conflict


October 12, 2020


I went to the playground
everything had gotten so small someone shrunk  the playground
or I just got tall

The monkey bars
I never crossed 
now my feet touch the ground 
fear and wonder lost

On the swings I sit
that used to be so high
I bend my knees i kick
don't look lean back you can fly

I feel like a little kid again 
I put my legs down
I fall back on the ground 

I hit my head
mulch in my hair 
I start to laugh 
I don't care

I look up 
I'm here so low
I'm happy 
to find this feeling I lost long ago
This poem is a mix of 2 storys
I went to this picnic and this was my experience  going back to the playground, although I did not fall I did talk to someone who had me remember a time I did and so thats what inspired this poem


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  • October 12, 2020 - 8:25pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Anlee

    very interesting and relatable poem~ nice subtle rhymes! this is really making me reminiscent upon my childhood (oh my i feel old now haha)

    4 months ago
  • dee's abditory

    i love the nostalgia from this piece!! great work!!

    5 months ago