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Maybe life should be more than just being successful and working hard. We should enjoy our lives to the fullest just not that much of fun.

Be who you are

October 17, 2020

The LGBT Community people. We are humans just like you guys. Why do we have treat them differently? Why do we have to be as far away as we can be from them? Many parents teach their children not to associate with queer people and children start thinking we did some kind of sin. What did we do? Marry someone from the same gender as us?

What does it have to with you? Support us or just let us be. What if us,queer people one day out of the blue start protesting against the straight people? What would happen then? When someone is happy you shouldn't interfere with their life. I can positively say that 80%of the parents stand against homosexuality. Times are changing and so are people. Love is love. We love who we want not caring what the world may think of us. You are not forced to love someone right? Then why is a crime when two people of the same gender love each other. Where is the mistake there?

If a girl dresses like a boy or acts like one everyone sees her as an abomination why? You want girls to dress like princess from Disney? To walk like them? 

Guess What? Those princess that you have seen in Disney they are not us. They are animated. If you dont see your daughter as a princess,your princess or your son as your Prince charming who is going to bring you the person he loves expecting you to accept the person whole heartedly. 

I might not be a parent yet but I know I wont try to change my kid for my own personal interest. I will let my child be whoever they want to be. I won't judge them for how they dress,how they act and who they end up with. 

For all the queer kids out there who are not supported by their loved ones,I might not be able to be there for you but I can encourage you. Friends who didn't support for who you are aren't worth it. They were not your true friends. They liked for who you pretended to be. 

I tried being someone else. Someone my friends would like. Then one day they asked me who my crush was. I didn't know what to say. I thought if I said that I have a crush on a girl they would leave me and throw me out of their group so I told them I didn't have any because am still a child but they didn't accept it. They kept asking me the same question for days. I couldnt take it anymore so I told them it was a girl and I begged them to not tell anyone. Two days later I came in class and everyone was laughing at me. Then my "best friend" asked me if she was my crush. I didn't know what was going on and she explained.

I was crying for days not having anyone by my side. After my brother finding what happened I was heartbroken. I thought he was going to tell mom about it since I was always mean to him,instead he came hugging me and telling me it was okay. I was so happy to have him. I begged him to not tell anyone and he promised. I went to a new school after my convincing my mum another dumb story. Friends may not be forever especially those fake ones.

We have to stand up for ourselves. We don't have to depend on our friends for support. Maybe sometimes we just need someone to listen to us but we got to pick someone we can trust our lives with. Someone from our inner circle.

Someone very special to us. To those who are still in the closet,hiding in there will not change anything. Will not get you anywhere. Hiding from your friends and your family. Friends you can tell them,if they dont support you just get over it because they weren't even your friends. Fake friends can be seen when you are in need of support,help or maybe company but real will be there for you.

Family is sacred and is frightening when it comes to that. 
You get scared because if they don't accept you,you've got no one else. You try to change yourself to be who they want you to be. I didn't get through that and am lucky. You might not know your parents as you think you do. 

I always believed that dad will not care but mom would be angry and kick me out. I was so wrong. Mom and happily accepted me for who I am although they started checking my phone because I had no number of boys they were all girls so they were a bit insecure. 

They asked me to look for a boy best friend. I went a little crazy but in the end I was still happy that they accepted me.

So am advising you as a sister you should be prepared for the result. I made sure I planned a house to stay in case they didn't accept it. Yeah am nuts. I was even about to buy an apartment from my savings but my sister said I could stay with her. I was very lucky since my parents and siblings accepted me. 

You should  treat Us,LGBT people as one of the humans. We don't need attention or being treated differently. We are all humans and just because we love someone else doesn't mean we are different. We eat,we drink we work and we also die. What's the difference then? Love? 

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