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August 17, 2020

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One by one ~ part 2

October 13, 2020


The day passed slowly, everyone seemed to be walking and talking in slow motion, the people inspecting “the new girl” seemed to be taking their sweet time as they passed Audrey in the hallways. It wasn’t anything new or unexpected, Audrey was used to people staring at her, she was used to no one knowing what to think of her, she was used to the glares and the smirks, it wasn’t anything new. She didn’t know anyone, no one came to talk to her, no one said one word. 

Her classes were slow and boring, her teachers cold and unfeeling as they assigned hours and hours of homework. Finally, the morning was gone, and everyone was running to lunch. Audrey walked slowly to the girl’s bathroom. There were a few other people there, who, as usual, ignored her. She stared at herself in the mirror silently, she didn’t look like most people. From birth, she had had completely silvery-white hair and very pale skin. She didn’t know why her mother had never told anything after her dad was killed when Audrey was five. Everything had changed when he died. 
She sat down slowly at an empty table in the lunchroom, she hadn’t brought any food, so she just sat there, head in her hands, staring off into the distance. Soon, she felt someone staring at her so she lifted her head and a small group of people was looking down at her.
The tallest girl spoke, “Hello, you looked really lonely so we came over to sit with you. I’m Kassie, and this is Lia, Ben, and Ethan. Nice to meet you.” 
Audrey froze for a moment, not knowing what to say, no one had ever cared to talk to her before, “Uhh, I’m Audrey. Nice to meet you.” 
Kassie smiled and they all sat down at the table and began to talk, “Oh guys, I saw this cool thing on the news this morning, some paranormal activity thing that is happening all over the world. Here let me read you the article, it’s interesting.” 
All around the world, messages have been appearing. At first, thought to be from a cult or gang of some kind but now experts have proven that this is paranormal activity. At the location of these messages, no video camera has caught anyone writing the messages. They have just appeared on walls and ceilings and floors all over the world. This is the message: 
We are coming. We need revenge. We will come in the midst of the fire, and the smoke. We will come angry, and ready to kill. We will come masked in darkness, in suffocating jet-black fog. There is a fury that is about to be unleashed, a hunger for revenge.  You cannot run, you cannot hide, nothing can defeat us. We will come with our weapons and one by one you will fall, you will fall as your family stands by, watching. You will fall, and you cannot hide. For we are coming and we will win. 

With that, Kassie stopped reading, “Isn’t that kinda interesting?” 
Audrey was silent, she felt a lump forming in her stomach, goosebumps all over her arms, that message had been basically exactly alike to her father's dying words. She felt faint, something was terribly wrong. Looking around the table, Kassie, Lia and Ben were all nodding and laughing. Did they not see how bad this was? Something was terribly wrong, something bad was happening. She looked at Ethen, he was staring at her, looking just as shocked and scared as she felt. 
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