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im not here for her (chapter 2/?)

October 15, 2020


"See?" Calyx whispered to his sister. "The maids know everything."
    Callista fought the urge to swat her brother. He was right, as little as she cared to deny it. This suitor was certainly much different than any she had encountered before. He was not dripping in jewels or shows of wealth. We was only accompanied by three lone guards and a servant, as opposed to the parades of people the other suitors had brought. 
    The most stark contrast, though, was that he was wearing a lady's dress.
    "Prince... Er, Orson. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." the princess sank into a curtsy, still puzzled.
    "Ah, but the pleasure is all mine, your highness." Orson too bowed. "I see you've noticed my attire."
    "Yes, well, I have to say, it's not at all what I was expecting." The princess laughed politely.
    "Ah, as much as I like suits, I do love dresses. I've been told I have the figure for it." He struck a provocative pose, and Callista couldn't help but laugh.
    Orson, taking this as an invitation, continued. "I've heard tales of the fearless Princess Callista. Is it true you bested the general of your fathers army in hand-to-hand combat? Had him pinned against a wall for two minutes before he passed out?"
    Callista smiled fondly at the mention of this memory. "Yes, it is."
    "I should have known." Orson said. "Only a fool would challenge a princess."
    Callista furrowed her brow. "If I may, what do you mean by that?"
    "It's obvious, isn't it?" Orson asked. When Callista simply stared, he continued, not fazed by her sudden distaste. "If I may, your highness, women are the most dangerous creatures on earth. I fear an angry woman more than a sword."
    "And what of an angry woman with a sword?" Callista asked.
    Orson met her eyes and saw the challenge there. "Nobody will know that an angry woman has a sword."
    "How do you figure?"
    "An angry woman with a sword shows no mercy. There will be no one left alive to bear witness." Orson gave a deep bow.
"Thank you for your time, your highness."
    And he swept out of the room, flanked by his servant and guards.
    Callista turned to her brother. 'Well, Prince Calyx, I think you have some entertaining to do." She gave him a smug smile and practically bolted to her room to get out of the stupid dress.
    Calyx smiled to himself. The maids were right after all.

    Prince Calyx found Orson in the sitting room, now dressed in a white dress shirt and pressed white slacks. His muscles rippled under the layer of fine fabric, a trait Calyx couldn't help but notice.
    "Prince Calyx, yes?" Orson stood and shook Calyx's hand. His fingers were quite calloused for someone who did desk work. They were warm.
    "Er, yes sir." Calyx said. Orson bowed. 
    "Oh, please, enough with the sir nonsense. We're one and the same. Call me Orson, my good man."
    "Ok, er, Orson. I have to know," Calyx said, sitting on the sofa next to Orson. "Why did you dress up in a gown?" 
    "Ah, that's easy, my dear prince." Calyx's heart twisted at the words my dear. "They're terribly comfortable!"
    Calyx stared in confusion. "My sister is constantly complaining about them."
    "Well, your sister doesn't need a dress to look feminine." He winked. The prince's heart soared. "However, those of us who have not been so fortunate as to have been put into a woman's body must make due with what we have."
    Calyx stared, confused. "I... I'm afraid I don't understand."
    "Oh, yes, very few people I meet do." Orson sighed. "I like to cross-dress. Some days, I wake up and decide to wear pants and fence with the guards and be the prince my father always wanted. But other days, I wake up and feel more... I don't know... feminine. Like I'm a princess, not a prince."
    Calyx stared. He understood, somehow. "So then, if you marry my sister, what will happen on the... feminine days?"
    Orson gave a weak smile. "I don't know."
    The princes stared at each other. Orson didn't know what to do. Calyx did, but he was afraid. Tentatively, he wrapped his arm around the other prince, in an awkward side hug.
    "I really only hug my sister." Calyx laughed. Orson, though Calyx couldn't see it, gave a weak smile.
    "I don't really hug anyone. Is this ok?" Orson said softly.
    "It's..." perfect, his mind finished for him. "great."
comment ship names! Im particularity fond of Calson and Oryx.


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  • Lexi Birken

    I reallyreallyreally love this!!!! Possible polyamorous relationship????

    7 days ago
  • Paisley Blue

    and also those ship names are beautiful. ORYX FOREVER!!!

    10 days ago