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Heya! I'm currently working on a mystery short story but I also have a published novel (ebook only) called 'The Forgotten Ones' if you wish to check it out :)

Oh and I'm happy to read/edit/review work if people want, but I am very particular about grammar/spelling etc so it depends how truthful you want me to be I guess...

Poetry is a recent favourite of mine, but one that I love alongside historical fiction, dragons and cats. And I'm a Jane Austen fan as well :)
I like writing poetry, novels, flash fiction, short stories... anything really!

Finally, We Say

October 18, 2020

You call us snowflakes, you call us weak and stupid and lazy. You say “back in my day” and you reminisce about the hardships which you grew up surrounded by and you sneer if we so much as shed a tear.

You say that we do not care about politics, that we are slothlike and greedy and that we don’t know anything. And yet, when we speak up, you tell us that we are too young to know anything. What is the real answer here, the one that can be found if we dig through your blustering voices? It is the beating heart of a dying generation, afraid of the wrath of their children.

You say that we are too liberal - women voting? What next, monkeys voting? Two men can marry? What next, I can marry a panda? And we say that we deserve equality. Too many of us are denied a voice because of who we are born. What makes any of us any less than someone else? Who decrees the hierarchy of the world? We should be able to sit shoulder to shoulder with the old, the men, the rich, the white, the straight. We should be able to sit shoulder to shoulder and know that we are, indeed, equal.

We are small, we are tired, we are angry. We have fists and feet and voices and we’re quite happy to use them. We are Generation Z, armed wth righteous anger and arrows of justice. We are a generation mobilising itself against the people who were supposed to protect us, who were supposed to leave us the world better than they found it, who were supposed to make society better for us, because that’s how it works. That’s how it works. You have forgotten this, you are so overcome with your exasperation and your spite and your jealousy that you are willing for us to suffer just so that you can say “I told you so”.

We will make a better world, with or without your help. You seem to forget that we are growing to be old enough to vote, to work, to lead. We will change the world. We are the generation of acceptance, of liberalism, of socialism, of love and compassion. 

Do not misunderstand me: just because we are kinder, brimming with love and compassion and goodness, this does not mean that we are willing to lie down and let you walk over us to lead the world into a fiery hell. We have grown up with tales of superheroes, of ordinary people doing good, of young people rising up in resistance to a corrupt government, for justice and freedom. Do not be surprised when we stand up to your lies and your prejudice and your failure.  

We are coming for you and we will hold you accountable.


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  • October 18, 2020 - 11:09am (Now Viewing)

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  • Anlee

    super impactful! so, so good <33

    4 months ago
  • mystifiedtulip

    Ooh very powerful and I love how you identified your audience! (Which is the older generation people obviously!)

    5 months ago
  • em wilder

    Wow, so powerful (especially the last sentence)! I love it, though. The repetition and everything. Keep writing!
    ALso... reading your message from the writer and I love Jane Austen, too! I've only read Northanger Abbey and P+P. Pride and prejudice is so hilarious and powerful and romantic. Lizzy is amazing! Northanger Abbey was okay... Catherine is so oblivious. What are your fav Austen novels? Any books recs?

    5 months ago