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I Am No One's Hero (Part IV)

October 11, 2020


Now what? It’s ridiculous. He’s ridiculous. What was I thinking? It’s comical. 
A laugh bubbles up, a laugh that has wanted to escape for years. 
Here I am in a 1975 pickup truck, waiting outside the gate of my best friend’s family ranch, who I last saw about 70 years ago before he went off to be filled with bullet holes.
Praying his younger sister is still there, having driven 1581 miles for… for what? 

But the gate starts to open, slowly, and he looks up to heaven. “Thank you,” he says to God.
He was raised in a time where belief and trust in God was simply the way life was.
Panic seizes him; what if the McCranes do not live here anymore? But beneath a dying tree… 
Eleanor Mary McCrane-Willard stands, eyebrows raised, arms crosses, mouth upturned.
Stepping out, he hobbles uncertainly toward her. “That tree used to be alive,” he notes.

“So did you.” Her tongue is still sharp. Briefly he wonders if her lips are still sweet. 
She skips small talk, goes for direct questions, winds him around until he’s dazed from conversation. Finally, “Come on in.”
Her husband died nine years ago of heart problems. 
He learns of her four children, one dead, and her seven grandchildren, and her great-granddaughter on the way.

“Sorry” doesn’t do a thing for her. After all, she’s weathered a thousand and one storms. 
A fresh pot of coffee brews; she hums as she tidies the counter; he stands in the corner.
“Sit,” she finally invites without a trace of warmth.

This is Part IV of a series. Here's Part I; Part II; Part III
I also have a five-part poem series called "infinities & eternities."
Have an awesome day, because you're awesome.


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