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This is basically historical fiction, and the setting is left to the reader's imagination. Please let me know what you think of it!

We need to run away from them

October 11, 2020


Why are they firing at us, Father?

They're mean. They're cruel. And we need to run away from them.

Maria trudged on the snow, drops of soft, innocent blood falling onto her bright, yellow necklace. She opened the locket to find her father's face, smiling and winking at her. As her eyes welled up with tears, blood wasn't the only liquid dripping on the sunshine of a pendant that night.

They were coming. She could listen to the firings from a distance. Food was running out and water was scarce, and at that moment, completely unavailable.

Father, please don't go. Please stay here with me. Please, Father. Please stay.

You don't understand, Mare. We have to fight. We have to fight back. I'm not going anywhere. I'll come back, okay? I was wrong. We can't run away.
We have to fight back.

We have to fight back, she repeated. Rifle in her hand, she started warming up beans on a crackling fire near one of the camps. People around her were worried and tired and crying. For food. For water. For safety.

And she could hear them. Coming closer and closer and closer. It was time. She could run away, like the others. The others, who were running in all directions. Camps were ablaze. Everything was in flames.

Her rifle was with her. She made a choice. 

Pendant embraced close to her heart, she started to run. 

Towards them.

Screaming, and shouting, with newfound courage and love.

Love for her father, who never really came back, and for her country. Her soil, her home.

We need to run away from them.

She didn't want to.
And she certainly didn't need to.


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