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The Art of Settling Down

By: tas (yellowbrickrd)

PROMPT: All Talk

"Here? Really?"
    "Wow, ok. I mean you did say it was small and grungy, but never did I imagine in a million years- what in the world- oh yes, of course, of course there would be a thong in the fireplace, a bright pink thong in our fireplace. It really does look right at home."
    "Yes it really does..."
    "So you're not going to defend it then? This apartment? You're not even going to try and convince me?"
    "No... well... no. We actually don't have a choice so convincing would be a waste of both our time."
    "Is that so?"
    "You wanted central London, I wanted near a park, you wanted not above a cafe, I wanted walking distance from my parents. Then of course there's the price! And just... it was a miracle I found this place. Think of it just a means to an end, a tool with which all of our criteria are met."
    "Hmm... well the curtains feel nice, surprisingly soft and we'll get a good sunset view. The kitchen seems just fine, oven, yes, phew. I suppose you've convinced me. I guess it's just not what I was expecting you know, but what do I know, it's my first home away from uni or parents. This is probably just fine by many standards.
    "Oh no, it really is quite bad."
    "Hah! Yeah it is... But you it's not where I am, it's who I'm with. If you're happy I'm happy."
    "Alright then I'll sign the lease, small dust bin inspired apartment with complimentary thong."
    "Do shut up before I change my mind."


Just imagine the thick British accents. 

This was surprisingly hard to write, just some fun. This is a really good prompt." ahhahah I just put the quote marks there cause I'm so used to them now. lol i'm just gonna leave them. ok bye.

Message to Readers

wtf is my title..

Peer Review

I definitely read this with British accents, haha. I feel like these characters are in love, the kind of love where you can insult each other and mean quite the opposite, the kind where you're so used to each other that this sort of easy banter is second-nature. I think underneath their fronts, these characters are really quite soft for one another and it's lovely to see.

This story left me feeling happy and a little bit hopeful for the future.

Reviewer Comments

This piece was so well written, and i'd love to hear more from these characters!!