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A Bit About Me!

October 11, 2020

PROMPT: Dust Jacket

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been here a couple months now, and I decided to do this little piece about myself. These questions are so hard to answer sometimes, but I’ll do my best! I’d love to hear if you can relate to any of these! I’m going to add in a couple of things myself too. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and, as always, for being so supportive! Here’s some more about me!

Three communities to which you belong (these can be unusual):

1. Girl Scouts (This is the start of my 8th year in GS!)

2. Homeschool (I love it!)

3. An unofficial (yet simultaneously kind of official) Hunger Games EXTREME fangirl 

Three places you learn well (these can be unusual):

1. My writing. I learn more about how I think and feel through expressing myself in my writing

2. My kitchen table (for school)

3. While reading a good book (similar to writing, I feel like I can learn more about emotions and experiences when reading.)

Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you:

This is a question I’m very interested to know the answer to. I’m going to leave that up to any of you kind people who’d like to let me know in the comments. Please be honest with me!

Three (or more) adjectives your family would use: (I asked my family for most of these!)

1. Talkative (this is funny; I never had a “baby talk” stage. Everyone could understand what I was saying by the time I was about two and a half years old. My parents never had to translate what I was saying from that point on, and I talked CONSTANTLY!)

2. Creative (maybe creative to a fault...)

3. Kind

4. Quirky (well, that’s true. Probably most of you already know that about me to some degree! XD)

5. Loyal 

Three adjectives you would use:

1.  Encouraging and a good friend (I really want to be these!)

2. Dedicated to my passions

3. Smart

Three beliefs you hold:

1. Jesus is as real as anything around us

2. That we should be kind and loving even to the people who don’t deserve it

3. That Abraham Lincoln was one of the most amazing U.S. leaders ever!

Three sources of comfort:

1. A notebook 

2. My puppy 

3. Laughter about things most people wouldn’t understand 

Three instincts that serve you well:

1. I’m intuitive. I can tell when something is wrong or someone is upset.

2. Cautious (I’m cautious in many ways, including in public situations and also involving safety.)

3. I can tell when I’m dreaming sometimes (I can fairly often tell when I’m dreaming. If something doesn’t seem right, I can sometimes decide I’m dreaming and wake myself up.)

Three responsibilities you shoulder:

1. My puppy. My family helps me a lot with watching him and stuff, but I’m responsible for his needs. 

2. My schoolwork 

3. My mom also leads my GS troop, so I’m the troop leader’s daughter. This means I help with preparing for events and such sometimes.

Three things of which you are proud:

1. My writing (Both my fan fiction here and my novels I’ve worked on outside of WtW. I’m also proud of my poetry and other writings too.)

2. My horseback riding (in my first show last month, I got a first place ribbon!)

3. My knowledge of my favorite books (haha, well, I pride myself on this! XD )

Three things about your appearance:

1. My eyes are hazel; usually they look more brown, but sometimes they have a little more green in them

2. My hair is very thick and VERY frizzy. All along my hairline, if it gets wind blown or anything, it sticks up in frizzy tufts (I promise you I’m not kidding.)

3. I’m a little taller than my mom. I’m 5’ 8”.

Three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual:

1. We live next to a train track. I’m used to it now, so the train doesn’t even wake me up if it comes through during the night.

2. Interesting things happen to us a lot. I’ve got many, many stories to share....

3. I don’t like sports. Horseback riding, that’s about it. I’ve never played a common sport, and I’m not super athletic though I do like being outside and running.
Can anyone relate? I’m kind of different, but I like to say unique. I’m unique. And kind of weird (in a good way), but proud of it. I’d love to hear what adjectives you’d use to describe me, and please be honest! Also, I found out something interesting the other day; I took a personality test, and I’m in the same category as Peeta! I have a lot of things in common with him (and some things not at all). But maybe that’s part of why I can write from his perspective. Anyways, thank you all for reading! I might do more of these prompts soon. Have a great day!


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  • Rose A

    Haha! it's nice to learn more about you, Eden. I can totally relate with the hair part. My hair is probably two times as thick as a normal person's hair and 5 times as frizzy. The curls can be hard to deal with, so I'll straighten my hair. It takes two hours(when I do it). But I can keep my hair like that for a week or longer(I'm biracial, so I don't have to wash my hair a lot).

    4 months ago
  • Turkeycracker K (a.ka. Firecracker)

    You sound a little like me :)

    5 months ago
  • (sk)eyesofocher

    I would call you:
    Kind (amazingly)
    Funny (hahaha yes I would)
    An amazing friend and writer
    Dedicated and I think many more but my brain is fried from writing school stuff XD but you're pretty dang amazing!

    5 months ago
  • beth r.

    this is so cute! 3 adjectives:

    5 months ago
  • V-Rose

    So, I am most definitely like most of these. Really. And adjectives to describe you?
    And probably a million more!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: I'm excited to read it! :)

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: I'm rooting for you too <3

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: First of all, hearing (reading) you talk about something you're passionate about is beautiful, not annoying.
    Okay, moving on.
    Thank you! I met him in 9th grade when we had a public speaking class together. He seemed great, but I didn't pay too much attention to just him, because I was mesmerized by all the people in the class. Last year, I was in drama class with him. We were costars in the play (we were the narrators). Anyway, thanks for being great.

    5 months ago
  • Lata.B

    Re- That is such a cute name!!! I'm good! Schoolwork has just been SO much work and i haven't got to write much:( But I always try to make time for this community full of sweet people like you! :) How are you?

    5 months ago
  • Lata.B

    omg aww, whats your puppy's name?? Congrats on the first place ribbon!!
    Haha, I love reading these and getting to know my fellow writers! :)

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Don't worry, I won't steal the man you stole from Katniss ;P although I also have a deep connection to him.
    I also just realized that "C" is a lot like Peeta... ugh.

    5 months ago
  • RemovedUser1

    HeyEden! So, I have a question. Would you mind if I don’t have a specific day to post My Name Is Solona? Because we started doing both Sunday morning and Sunday night church last week, and it takes a while to write one chapter. I’d post one a week (I’m working on it now,) and I’d still tell you.
    Have a great day!

    5 months ago
  • RemovedUser1

    This is so cool! When I went to the hospital yesterday they told me I was 5’5. You’re really tall!
    I can “lucid dream” kinda too! I’ve never heard it called that before, though. I often like, commentate in my dreams, decide if I’m doing something I would actually do, and, if I really like a dream, I can go back to sleep and pick up where I left off. So, I guess I’m never fully asleep, XD?
    Also, I’m not athletic at all (cough my ankle thing cough) and the only sport I like is soccer (goalie) and ballroom.
    Also, I love Lincoln too, XD!
    Three adjectives....
    1. Sweet. You leave amazing comments and are so sweet in our conversations!
    2. Skilled. I know someone already said this, but your HG stuff is SO GOOD! Quite frankly, I’m jealous XD. Also, your good at horseback riding and got some ribbons!
    3. Lovable. Some people are hard to love. But you’re not one of them!
    Buh bye!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Actually a cool fact is that everyone dreams every night, but not everyone remembers their dreams. I remember them several times a week, but I'll forget most of them eventually if I don't write them down or at least tell someone about them.
    Also, everyone seems to be talking about Peeta, so I'm joining in. He's like perfect for me since he's very compassionate and dedicated like me, but he's also more outgoing, confident, and diplomatic. I think my personality best matches Prim (according to a quiz that I agree with; another quiz said I was Peeta). She's brave in a quiet way, mature for her age, emotion-based yet thoughtful, and very compassionate. Oh, and she loves animals. ;P

    5 months ago
  • katnissromanoff

    Haha, I have the same personality type as Peeta, too (and Peter Parker one test said)! I'm just under 5'8". I've never been super into sports either besides dance. It seems like we're pretty similar :)

    5 months ago
  • books4life

    hey!!!!!!! chapter 5 is out!!!!!

    5 months ago
  • If you died right now, where would you go? (Kit-Kat Sully)

    Yes, I can definitely relate to many things you wrote! :) And the thing about Peeta-who would have guessed? XD No, I believe it-that's so coincidental! <3 *laughs*
    The three adjectives: You are for sure a good friend, I can tell even though we haven't met-I'm sure we'd be real life BFFs. You are also an amazing writer, which I thing everyone can tell by now. ;) And you are very passionate about what you write. I would make this longer, but I got to go! I'll read the chapter and letter later!
    Your friend,

    - Kit-Kat Sully

    5 months ago
  • If you died right now, where would you go? (Kit-Kat Sully)

    Replying; Ok, thanks!

    5 months ago
  • mindfruit

    Thanks for sharing! I agree with Anne, that's so cool that you can lucid dream! I have the ability too, but it only kicks in when I have nightmares. As for some adjectives to describe you, I'd go with welcoming, supportive, and caring.

    5 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    Nice to meet you!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: My dad has blue eyes too!! My mom and brother have the same ones, but we're not sure where mine came from. Possibly my paternal grandmother, but she died wayyy before I was born. I'll have to find a pic of her. Btw, I was/am homeschooled (sorta). So that helped with our literacy for sure. I don't often dream about book characters, just settings and people in my life.

    5 months ago
  • madeline3.14159

    Some adjectives (in my opinion) are
    1. Dedicated (to your friends, writing, fictional boyfriend... XD)
    2. Cheerful
    3. Thoughtful

    Also, I have the same personality type as Peeta as well!! (According to most sources that is... I'm not sure if we can know all the way what his personality type is). And I didn't realize you were so tall XD. I guess 5'8" isn't really THAT tall, but that's like four inches taller than me... soooo :)

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Wow, this is so cool! I'm so jealous that you can lucid dream. I've been a tiny bit lucid a couple of times, but not enough that I was able to change or end the dream. I'm pretty sure my brother and I skipped baby talk, too. It's because our parents didn't talk to us that way, and we were read to so young that we read by ourselves at 3 (me) and 4 (Alex). Our eye colors seem to be very similar. My eyes have changed so many times in my life, but I think (hope?) that this time it's for good lol. Ooh! I live near a train track, too. I have my whole life. Now to pick 3 words to describe you... Hmm. I think I'll go with spunky, loyal, and passionate. :)

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Oh I was hoping you'd see that post! That's so cool. I think even my subconscious knew I'd be scarred for life if I was actually in the Games. (I mean I did have another dream that did that anyway but that's besides the point lol)

    5 months ago