The rebellion

October 10, 2020


1500. This is it. Operation REBEL starts now. We walk out of the classroom, chatting away as normal. But tonight will be anything but normal. Tonight, we fight back.
Me and Cris hide in the bushes for ages, waiting for our teacher, Mrs Slapback, to leave. What seems like hours later, bingo. She slithers away from the school. We radio the others and within minutes, the whole class is here. “Right.” says Summer. “Let’s get cracking.”
She checks off our materials.
“Silly string- check, flour- check, spray cheese- check, and golden syrup- check. Let's do this.”
We set to work. I send Cris off to get a ladder, while I set up a tripwire, which I connect to a rope. Cris gets back with the ladder. I climb to the ceiling, where I tie the rope to several buckets of golden syrup. The trap has been set. Next I make another tripwire, and connect to a couple of cans of spray cheese. I tell Ken to put his mouth in front of the first one. I tug the tripwire. Ken is covered in cheese. Whoops. I hide the silly string under my desk, ready for tomorrow. Summer says she has a plan for the flour, but she won't tell us what.
“Just wait till tomorrow.” She says with a smile.
We finish up when the sun sets over the horizon, And boy, we are proud of our creation.
“Tomorrow!” I say “Tomorrow we rule!” The class erupts into cheers and applause.
I know one thing. We will win.
We march into school with pride in our steps. Two lines of students, ready for war. Now in a single file, we sort into our squads and wait outside the classroom. with their AK-40 pencils, the Nerd Nerd walks in first. Mrs Slapback looks at them with disgust in her eyes. Next, the Recess Regiment comes in and stands at the front, book shields at the ready. Now the Hoodie Bullies push and shove their way to the middle, swinging their metal ruler swords like the madmen they are. Mrs Slapback scowls and continues her lecture on i before e except after c.
The elite snipers set up camp at the back of the classroom, loading their pen with dried ink pellets. The tanks move in. their big beefy bodies taking up more room than jumbo jets.(slight exaggeration but you get the hint. They were fat.)
Now Mrs slapback is mad. She stops her yakking. We stop. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If we go past here, there is no turning back. Then we remember what we are fighting for. Freedom.
“Attack!” Comes the call from summer. 20 students surge forward towards the bright light of freedom. Hang on. Let me look this up in the dictionary. “Freedom. Noun. you can't see it” then what are we running towards?
Then I realize, Mrs slapback is glowing. Her form twists and turns, 
her skin flakes and falls to the ground. We knew it. A teacher creature. The rest of the class march in. They peg multicoloured stainless steel scrunchies at the monstrosity that was once our horrid teacher. Mrs slapback screeches and begins to move forward. Only to trigger the tripwire and have buckets of golden syrup poured on her. A quick volley from the elite snipers takes her down to a defensive strategy. The kindergarteners, meanwhile, run from the room screaming.
I use my silly string to shoot her eyes, which now look like a party in a socket, temporarily blinding her. The nerd herd shoots like nothing else. We are nearly there. But mrs slapback has something we didn't expect. She has a weapon.she wipes the silly string from her eyes, glowing orange goo pouring from the holes in her face. She death stares at the elite snipers, and one by one, they drop like flies. “Now!” Yells Summer. Mrs slapback stumbles back in shock from summer's scream, triggering the spray cheese. It fills her eye sockets, before flour rains from the ceiling, drying her moist skin. She can't move. I grab one of the elite snipers rifles and take the last shot. Summer tells me I have a one minute window to shoot Mrs slapback before she becomes moist and can move.
I line up the shot and pull the trigger. We did it, we won… wait a minute. The pellet sails gracefully over Mrs slapbacks shoulder. It takes 30 seconds to reload one of these snipers. I run towards mrs slapback, who all the while is getting wetter. Damn. Reload. 10 seconds. Aim. 5 seconds. Fire. the pellet flies through the air. It strikes. Mrs slapback crumbles to dust. The children of the world are nearly there. We are free, free from this slapback insanity.


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