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submerged in water (escapril day 12 prompt)

October 10, 2020


you reached up, twisted your hands in my hair, and 
i could feel your cold nails against my scalp, against the tanned 
nape of my neck; you pulled, but so did i, over aquamarine tile slick under
our feet, and we stumbled into the swimming pool; i hate getting wet but
what can i do when you’re above me like that? 
with your eyes glowing in sunlight-saturated water, 
your hair undone in a halo around your face? my eyes sting and i
can’t breathe but i don’t think it’s the chlorine, no, i think 
i would feel like this no matter where we were, as long as you’re pressed
into me like this. your fingers are still tight in my hair, around my throat, and
truly, truly, i don’t need lungs; i would be happy to die here, intertwined with you, 
because it’s your touch that gives me life, lights my skin up underneath yours, heart 
pumping no blood but beating like a thousand drunken drums. maybe
we’ll fall to the bottom and stay there, motionless, submerged in water until
we’re nothing but skeletons, limbs so tangled that you wouldn’t know 
whose bones were whose.
yeah um i haven't been on here for quite some time but i'm currently avoiding homework by diving through any past interests i've had! this was from earlier this year


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  • Wisp

    "truly, truly, i don’t need lungs; i would be happy to die here, intertwined with you,"
    Oh gosh, I love that, and I love this. Your writing is truly transformative and the descriptions are just so detailed and even profound. I adore the way you've written this, it's just so beautiful. This is just so beautiful and I'm speechless at your talent.

    6 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    I just... love this vibe from this. I can't explain it. Also, I love the stylization with all lowercase. Totally different feel to it. And I like how the internal feelings are intertwined with the environment.

    7 months ago