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I Am No One's Hero (Part III)

October 10, 2020


Scenery so beautiful he wants to cry, through Montana, Idaho, Utah, and finally, Arizona.
He hasn’t seen new scenery in almost seventy years. 
Red rock, mountains, aspens, fir, deep waters, Ponderosa, sagebrush, sand, cacti, true mountain deserts.
In Provo a shudder runs through him. All the way to Kanab he feels strange. 
When he passes near Lake Powell, his knuckles turn white. Flagstaff has him sweating. 

And there is Prescott, AZ. So large, it’s a veritable city—of course it’s grown. What did he expect? 
Coughs wrack his body at the city limits, where the green and white population sign blows him away.
What if Eleanor McCrane is gone? What if the McCranes sold that hundred-and-fifty year old ranch?
Pulling over, breathing slow, closing his eyes, recalling the address stamped on every childhood memory
Red Chevrolet rattles, protests (like his joints) but it gets him there. To the brand-new entrance.

Different sign, white picket fence, new wood, golden light bulbs. 
But the little saguaros on either side are not so little anymore. Same longhorns nailed to the arch.
Here's Part III of my poem-story on an elderly Korean War draft dodger. Feedback and peer reviews needed. Thanks! 
If you know the geography I mentioned, yay! The American Southwest is amazing. One of my favorite climates ever (high mountain desert).


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