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This is a wholesome little LGBTQ+ romance with Paisley Blue. Hope you all like it <3

Queerly Beloved (Chapter 1/? - READ FOOTNOTES)

October 10, 2020


“Kay, you need to watch where you’re going on that thing. You almost ran me over with that, like, four separate times.” Maeve dodged my skateboard and continued walking.
    “Sorry, M, but I’m in a hurry. Duncan’s class has almost started and she always locks the door.” I kicked off again, speeding down the sidewalk. “Bye, M, see you later!”
    I barely heard her goodbye as the wind whipped my ears, blowing my bangs in my face. I blew them back out. So there.
    I quickly jumped off, grabbed my board, and rushed into Professor Duncan’s classroom. Klara Duncan taught my English class, which I wasn’t sure I needed if Maeve, Kai and I took off. We made a band last year, called The Rebellion Begins. I’m lead guitarist, bass guitarist, and keyboard, Maeve is on the drums, and Kai does all the screaming he classifies as “singing.”
    Realizing everyone else was already taking notes, I rummaged through my bag for my Macbook. Pulling up a new document, I started taking notes.
    Almost immediately, though, I got distracted. Stupid ADD brain.
    It was the girl about two rows to my left. She stuck out like a sore thumb, with wispy, white-blonde hair pulled away from her face with bobby pins. She twisted a piece around her finger as she took notes, eyes darting up every now and again. The tip of her tongue stuck out through her lips.
    She wasn’t just pretty. She was gorgeous.
    I soon realized that I hadn’t heard a word of what Professor Duncan had said the entire lesson. 
    “Ally,” I whispered, leaning over to a friend of mine sitting next to me. “Can you forward me your notes?” 
    Ally smirked. “Staring at Ms. London, were you?” 
    I stared at her. “Who?” 
    “Duh, the blonde you were drooling over for two hours.”
    I glanced back at the girl. She had stood up, gathering her things and tucking her hair behind her ear. “No, I wasn’t.”
    Ally raised an eyebrow.
    “Ok, maybe a little.”
    Ally’s eyebrow crept higher on her forehead.
    “Alright fine, you jerk. Just email me your notes so I don’t flunk out.”
    She smirked at me again. “Fine, but I will say I told you so when you invite me to your wedding.”
    I smacked her arm. “Shut up.”

    “Yeah, Willow London. I’ve seen her around campus before. Pretty popular. A bit of a ditz though.” Kai stretched out on Maeve’s sofa. I curled up in my chair, looking up Willow London on Instagram again. Her profile popped up, and I tapped on her face. 
    “Is this band practice or Help-Kayla-Obsess-Over-Willow practice?” Maeve said. 
    “I’m not obsessed with her!” I said in frustration. 
    “Kay, you know I love you, right?”
    I looked at Kai with confusion. “Yeah..?”
    “And you trust me?”
    “Of course.”
    “Then you’ll believe me when I say that you are like 87.6% obsessed with her.” he patted my shoulder sympathetically and grabbed my bass. “Now play. Because singing and drums doesn’t really cut it.”
    I glared at him, slipping the strap over my head. “You’re such a jerk.”
    “Yes, but you know you love me.” He says in a sing-song voice.
    I can’t help but crack a smile. He’s got me there.
    “Don’t forget, it's family dinner tonight, Kai. Papa’s making meatballs.” I say, picking up my guitar case and heading out the front door.
    “Oh, I’ll be there.” Kai says. 
    “See you tonight, then,” I say, kissing him on the cheek. “Bye, bro, love you.”
    “Love you too, idiot.” he calls out his door.
    I stick out my tongue and hear his laugh as I walk out to my car, throw my case and backpack in the backseat, and get in.

    Pulling into the driveway of my dads’ house, I grabbed my things and headed inside.
    “Papa, Dad, Kai and his parents are coming for dinner!”
    Papa came around the corner. “Couldn’t resist my delicious meatballs?” He grinned a wide, gap-toothed grin. I hugged him, breathing in his smell of chocolate and fruit. 
    “Did you make chocolate covered strawberries for dessert?” I asked, brushing salt crystals off his vest.
    “Yes, ma’am. Pulling out all the stops tonight.”
    I sat down at the breakfast bar, grabbing a handful of chocolate-covered almonds from the dish on the counter. Papa, like me, is a sucker for chocolate, so we keep healthy-ish chocolate snacks around the house. “Is Dad working late again?” I ask, popping a couple almonds into my mouth.
    Papa sighs. “Yes, but he said he’d be home for dinner.”
    Dad is the CFO for some big company. He never has much free time, and he’s always having to cancel plans or leave in the middle of meals. “Well, fingers crossed.” I popped another handful of almonds into my mouth and went to wash my hands. “Need a co-chef?” I asked.
    A smile played on his lips. “Always.”

    The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it! I think it's Kai.” Sure enough, when I opened the door, I found Kai, Carolina, and Emily on the front steps.
    “Kayla! We haven’t seen you in forever!” Emily cried. She was a short, plump, redheaded woman, and she was basically my mom.
    “Emily, it's been like two weeks.” I said as she pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.
    “Two weeks too long,” Carolina said, pulling me in for a hug when Emily was done squeezing the life out of me. Carolina was a tall, latina woman, and though she and Emily were opposites, they were perfect together.
Kai’s moms and my dads met during a birthing class. Kai’s moms were there with Papa, Dad, and Aunt Marie. Emily, being the extrovert she was, struck up a conversation, asking how long Papa and Aunt Marie had been married. When Dad cut in, saying that Aunt Marie was his sister and Papa was his husband, they were basically instant best friends. Kai and I have known each other since we were babies, and our parents always joked that we’d get married someday. But Kai is like my brother, and it makes both of us gag to think of the other in that way.
    “Lina, Em!” Papa called from the kitchen.
    “Emmett!” Emily squealed, rushing to break his ribs- uh, I mean hug- him too. Carolina followed with an exasperated but fond look.
    “Is Richard coming?” Emily asked.
    “He said he’d try, but you know how his work is. He’s too generous; he forgets to think about himself sometimes.”
    “Who forgets to think about who?” a familiar voice called.
    “Dad!” I said, rushing to hug him. He dropped his coat and his bag and wrapped an arm around me.
    “Rich, you made it.” Papa said, kissing Dad on the cheek.
    “Why wouldn’t I be here?” Dad asked, hanging up his coat. “My wonderful husband is making meatballs!” He sniffed.     “Ooh, and do I smell chocolate covered strawberries?”
    I smirked. “Dad, I swear, you think with your stomach more than your head.”
    “Well, then my stomach is extraordinarily good at math.” He joked, walking into the kitchen. “Carolina! Emily! So good to see you again!” He said, wincing a little at Emily’s hug.
    “Yes, I daresay you’ve missed a few family dinners.” Papa said, waggling a disapproving finger at the two of them.
    “Forget about who has and hasn’t been here. Let’s eat!” Kai said, sitting down and picking up his utensils.
    I gave a mock sigh. “Men, thinking only with their stomachs.” 
    “I hear you, sister.” Carolina said, winking at me.
    I sighed with contentment, looking around the table. Dad passing around rolls, Papa bringing in his meatballs, Carolina telling Kai to put his napkin in his lap, and Emily scooping salad onto everyone’s plates. This was my family. Papa and Dad were my dads, Carolina and Emily were like my moms, and Kai was like my brother. I smiled. I couldn’t be happier.
    “What?” Kai asked. “Do I have something on my face?”
    “No,” I said, taking a roll out of the basket. “I just love you guys.”

This is a collab with my favorite person ever, Paisley Blue. She's writing from the perspective of Willow, and I'm writing as Kayla. Check Paisley Blue's page for Chapter 2!!


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