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awkward waving. you know where to find me where i'm more active. alternatively, if you haven't said hello/introduced yourself already, hi! please feel free to do so in the comments. i'm sunny! <3

gravitational consistencies & me

October 11, 2020


there are brand marks seared beneath my eyelids, and they spell out: “tragedy, a travesty. a real tempest, in and of herself.” and i would tell you i wished i hadn’t had the liquor before the vows, but there’s no use in thumbing secrets onto empty altars, is there? what are dewdrops to the tainted? and adonis to the thorns? so fault me for this and nothing more: you whisper of rain clouds. i speak of storms.

this is the collision course. the orbit of the milky way. this is the red string, tied around the tan lines left from the diamond band on your index finger, pulling a ship to harbor.

so the next time you think of us: look at the sky. spill tears over the inevitability of me. our catastrophe made to be. when you come to learn that this is what’s etched in the stars, just know that i’m pleased. and sincerely, in due time, i hope you learn to set yourself free.
hola. maybe it's selfish to say, but i hope i haven't been forgotten. miss you guys.


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  • Paisley Blue

    woah.... this is breathtaking!!! THAT BEGINNING wow. this is what i've been missing here on wtw. take care <3

    7 months ago
  • Wisp

    That first part though, has me falling down transcendent steps into arms of wonder. Honestly though, what being could possibly write “tragedy, a travesty. a real tempest, in and of herself.” definitely a writing god sunny.
    Also! We haven't forgotten you here, so come visit every now and then, it'd certainly be a joy to welcome you back!
    Replying: Thanks for the kind words, as crystalline•galaxies said, to be complimented by a writer of your degree is definitely an accomplishment that sends smiles.

    7 months ago
  • jun lei

    how could anyone forget someone who shines as bright as you?

    7 months ago
  • crystalline•galaxies

    the genuineness of your comments always astounds me. you’re always so sweet and kind. it honestly makes me feel so much better as a writer. i mean — “so the next time you think of us: look at the sky. spill tears over the inevitability of me” — you’re so good! to be complimented by you means so much to me. take care. <3

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Of course I haven't forgotten you. I still have the lol.

    7 months ago