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I Am No One's Hero (Part II)

October 10, 2020


Flicking on the television, gunshots explode
Echoing from speakers—he cannot breathe, think, move
Black and white figures; but the picture is too clear
Schindler’s List, he sees on the banner across the screen
The mother, the daughter—red coat, a different war—he can move once more.

He changes channels—a jewelry infomercial—damage is done
“Thomas,” he breathes. Wishes to rescind the words instantly, but
Maybe Eleanor... just maybe, she’ll still be, a foolish hope... 
For a whole day and a half he doesn’t know what his hands do, where his feet take him
Until they open the door of and step into a 45 years young pickup. 

Where am I going? He knows exactly where he’s going.
Alberta is a long way from Arizona. Red Deer to Prescott.
1581 miles. He drives. He stops only as needed; everywhere, people eye him as if he’s on his last legs.
They’re right, he thinks with a grim smile.
Here is Part II of my poem-story series on the draft dodger from the Korean War. Love you all!


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