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I Am No One's Hero (Part I)

October 10, 2020


Dark window and fading light
He steps outside; his bones creak in time with the porch
Sun waits and sun sets
Chill already sweeps the air.
In Arizona, he thinks
It was never this cold—still summer!
He wrenches his heart and thoughts out of 1945
Out of a past that shone until—was it 1950? Yes. Summer.
“I made my choice,” aloud, he says
To the dying horizon and his dying husk of a body
He hates, hates it
Pardons, forgiveness, guilt, bullets, young, inexcusable, duty, loyalty, honor, patriot, hero
“I am no one’s hero.”
One week is all it takes. In two more he will have seen ninety years on this planet.
A call from his far-away nosy neighbor, but she’s hardly a friend
“Why don’t you have some family over for your birthday?”
You’re lonely, she means. Why are you all alone?
She is exactly right. But alone is what he deserved. Deserves.

This idea partially stemmed from M*A*S*H, my favorite TV show ever that deals with the Korean War. This was also inspired by an episode of All in the Family, in which one of Mike's friends (Mike is a main character) is invited to Christmas dinner. However, he reveals that he moved to Canada to escape the Vietnam draft. This causes a conundrum, because one of the other guests at dinner lost his son in Vietnam. It was definitely an episode that left me thinking. Although there were not nearly as many draft dodgers in Korea, I thought it would be interesting to explore this idea. The Korean War was less recent, and therefore, I hoped this would be a little more distant and historical in its approach. I'm not condoning nor condemning draft dodging; just some ideas.


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