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3 Very Underrated Rappers

April 23, 2015



Most people have heard of Eminem, Drake, Lil' Wayne, and Nicki Minaj. These are commonly known musicians. But there are musicians out there that do not get the credit they deserve. In my opinion, these are the most underrated rappers. Number 1 underrated is Hopsin. He has killer flow, and awsome lyrics. He still has many fans, but is not very well known. He really blew up after being featured on Tech N9ne's Am I A Psycho on which he featured on along B.O.B.. Not to mention he created his own music label, Funk Volume. Next on my list is Royce Da 5'9. He did an album with Eminem, the duo calling themselves Bad Meets Evil. He also some pretty good flow and speed. He is signed under Shady Records and Interscope Records, along with his rap group Slaughterhouse. Last on my list is Tech N9ne. Back in 99 he created his own record label, Strange Music. It is now the number one independent record label in the world. He is one of my favorite rappers, and has many different ways of rhyming, and rippiung the mic. He gets nowhere near the the credit he deserves. These rappers have worked hard to get where they are. They don't get enough credit for their skill, and what the have been through. They all deserve more.


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