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Orphanage for Forgotten Happiness

October 9, 2020


“Aspen! The Miss is giving out cookies. We can’t miss em.”
“You go, the cookies don’t taste good anymore.”
Nori looked at Aspen worriedly. “C’mon Aspen, even if you don’t want the cookie, we’ve still got to meet the new student.”
“You go’, he repeated, ‘I’m too tired right now.” 
Nori sighed and sat down in front of Aspen. “Y'know, you can’t stay here forever.”
“Who says? I’ve spent the last 200 years or so here, I don’t even count anymore.” Replied Aspen, without opening his eyes. 
“I mean that you should at least try to find your happiness. Doesn’t staying here for so long get boring? Repeatedly listening to the same lessons Miss teaches.”
“Over time you get used to it.”
“Oh” A pause “well even if you don’t want the cookie, I do, so talk to you later!”
“Yeah, later.”
Although Aspen acts indifferent to Nori’s positivity, he was secretly glad he was there. If anything he’s gotten a bit attached. But he should’ve known nothing good stays, because a few days later, Nori found his happiness. 
“Aspen Aspen Aspen!”
“I’ve done it! I’ve found my happiness!” replied Nori energetically, and a bit breathless from his run up the hill to where Aspen was sitting.
Aspen smiled, “Congrats Nori, you can leave now.”
Nori beamed back at him, “my ceremony is in an hour, I just wanted to tell you first!”
“Well then don’t let me keep you back any longer, you’ve got to get ready right?”
Nori nodded excitedly, “Yep!” After five years, he could finally leave.
An hour later, twenty or so kids and their teacher were clumped by the front gate of the Orphanage, to wish goodbye to Nori who was dressed in all white robes and sporting a smile that could rival the sun. 
As Nori turned around and walked through the gate into the bright light, Aspen couldn’t help but feel sadness bloom in his chest. He’s seen this exact scene before his eyes many times. A child dressed in white robes ascending to the afterlife, and every time, he would feel this exact same sadness within him.
‘Ironic’, he thought, as the entire purpose of this Orphanage, that blocks his path to the afterlife, was supposed to help kids forget about their sadness and trauma. He looked around. He knew all the kids around him suffered greatly, and were sent here to help them cope, to help them redeem themselves, so that they could dutifully carry out their tasks in the afterlife. He silently laughed at the flawed design. He supposed God didn’t consider what would happen if the kids sent here would forget their memory. How were you supposed to find happiness if you couldn’t even remember what made you sad in your past life?
I decided to write this on a whim, and it's not a fully flushed out idea, but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless.


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