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Hi, I'm Noah, and I'm 16
I'm a bad speeeler, and I like writing random things or ideas that come to mind, I also write music as well as possibly poetry. I'm more of a short stories kinda fella.

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Do what makes you happy, cause chances are it'll make other people happy, and that's why I'm here.

What Happened

October 9, 2020


    "What happened here?" the general yelled through the echoing chasms once know as a neighborhood.
    "I'm sorry sir, bu they came out of no where" a low ranking officer replied, gasping for what seemed like unattainable air.
    "I don't care if they came from Missouri! this is what you were all trained for WHERE YOU NOT!" the general bellowed while looking out to the many faces in front of him, some would call it an army, some would call it sad. After the discovery of attainable fusion as a new source of energy, the radioactive waste that was never disposed of, did what only stories of fiction have ever dared to proclaim. It created monsters. People had warned high ranking officials such as general Grant, but what did they know, they were just a bunch of hippies. Turns out, they knew the truth. After a few years of prosperous energy and technological advancement, the first one appeared. It was a rat that had gotten mixed up in some waste and evolved at an exponential rate to become a towering six foot rodent of pure malice and destruction. But it was just the first. Many more erupted all around the planet each a different animal, with newly evolved characteristics. There was the Dire wolf of China, the Tasmanian Devils Brother, and the Brazilian Raging Bull, just to name a few. The inhabitants of earth fled to earths sister planet mars and sent troops to exterminate the threat, few were successful. The governments of the world came together to form the New Union, a political government that only looked out for the best of the remaining humans. This was the only good thing to come out of this disaster however.
"Where did it go?" Grant asked.
"Down to the subways sir, we tri-"
"Dammit!" the general interrupted "20 years we have been fighting these beasts, 20 YEARS! And we still haven't caught one?"
"No sir" the officer said sheepishly.
"What do you think we are fighting for private?' the general asked the officer.
The Private stood up straighter and responded.
" We are fighting for our home, for planet, and for the people back home who can't be here!"
"That's right! and now were gonna go down to those cursed tunnels and we're gonna kill that thing, ARE YOU WITH ME!"
Cheers and exclamations echoed the neighborhood then followed by footsteps of less than 200 men into the tunnels that once were.
    Once inside, chaos ensued. Blasts from plasma cannons filled the tunnels to hit nothing but pure rage and scales. This beast was what the soldiers liked to call J√∂rmungandr, it was a large snake,  after the serpent of Norse mythology, who had a grip on the world.
    The battle raged for hours, and after a few more, the battle was won.
    "Well private would you look at that, we did it, private?" the general looked around for the private that he had shared battle with, only to have his eyes fall upon him on the ground, writhing in pain, and bleeding from the torso.
    "Private! what did you do" the general whispered gently.
    "We did it sir," the private said weakly with a smile, "we won, I did what I needed to, I can rest easy now."
    "Don't say that! we're gonna get you outa here." the general said quickly.
    "No, no, let me rest here, let me rest at the place of my victory," the private said smiling meekly, "just tell my kid, his name is john jr., tell him to not be scared, and to take care of his mom for me, can you do that?" the private asked as he slid the general a picture of the beautiful pair.
    "Yeah," the general said with tears in his eyes, "yeah I'll do that." Losing a solider is hard enough, but losing one with family is another sadness on it's own. As the general left the smiling body where it lay, started figuring out how to tell a mother and her son that dad wasn't coming back. The journey back to Mars was short, but to Grant, it felt like years. When the ship landed, Grant saw the wife and son of his fallen comrade, slowly he approched them with the picture in his hand. The wife fell to the ground in tears as the general told them what the man said in his last moments.
    "John, your dad told me to tell you to be strong and look after you mom, can you do that?" The boy was looking down, confused, angry and with tears in his eyes.
    "Yes sir, yes I can."


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  • anemoia (#words)

    Btw, something a few other have told me that's insanely helpful: If you're gonna reply to someone, they won't see it unless you go to their page and click on one of their pieces, then comment there with a Re: or Replying:
    That way they'll be notified, and they can reply in the same way.

    7 months ago
  • Artemisnova88

    Sounds good

    7 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    also HI! Welcome to WTW!! Im Jade ;) If you have ANY questions just ask! can't wait to read more of your writing XD

    7 months ago
  • Artemisnova88

    Thank you

    7 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    aw this is so sad! love the short story progression tho! it's hard to write in a low word count, especially for action. you paced this really well!

    7 months ago