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Writing's a little harder than I remember :/


October 9, 2020


It’s been a long time since I’ve felt 
The spark in my chest
The butterflies in my stomach
The ringing in my ears
The love we used to share

It’s been a really long time

Things are different now
I am different now
Not in the way I used to be 
The fire burning this bridge 
It's not the same one as last time

I’m at a crossroads you would understand 
I’m at a crossroads I hope you’ll understand

And even though I’m lost 
Blurred between two concrete lines
The ink running in the cracks of your palm
The tear from the wrong side of the eye

I think this is what I’ve always wanted
This is who I’ve always been 

I just hope you'll take me as I am


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  • anemoia by a thread

    This is amazing. Don't stop writing. Unless you need to. But seriously, this is beautiful. All the conflicting emotions? Check. Poetic in all the right ways? Check. Nostalgic? Check. Introspective? Check. Anguished? Check. Proud of who you are? Check.
    And your profile made me laugh.

    7 months ago
  • beth r.

    wow, this is really beautiful!
    also, supportive dad vibes? we stan

    7 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Wow, your poetry always taps a section of my heart I sometimes forget exists until you come along and remind me. It's like your work is so good in its way that it decided to fence off a little corner of my moledro all to its own.
    I'm glad you're posting again. I didn't bother you about your absence because I felt like you needed it. But I'm happy to see you here again, even if you decide it's only for a short while. <3

    7 months ago
  • Mpm#1

    Wow this is moving! Love it!

    7 months ago