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Hi, I'm Noah, and I'm 16
I'm a bad speeeler, and I like writing random things or ideas that come to mind, I also write music as well as possibly poetry. I'm more of a short stories kinda fella.

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October 9, 2020


There was once a shop located on the corner of a block on a street that shall be unnamed for reasons that are none of anyone's business. The shop was located between a convenience store, a food market, and adjacent from the block corner was a small flea market. This shop was owned by, by anyone's standards a kind old man. This man was well-tempered and calm. He was rarely ever seen without a smile on his face. He showed what could only be described as a “Mr. Miage type of person”. The shop owner’s name was only known to the landlord and the shop owner’s son. The regulars in his shop called him Yang, this was because he had two large yin and yang tattoos on both of the tops of his hands. Now physically he was a smaller Asian man that spoke very broken English. However, he had a deep sadness behind his eyes that no one could grasp nor ask of, for it would be rude. The only things that Yang’s shop sold were Asian antiques. He would give out fortune cookies and old words of wisdom to those he thought needed it. As you can see, there was nothing odd or bizarre about the old man that ran a shop on the corner of a block. However, when the shopkeeper's son came in, the environment changed. The son would normally come in to do what seemed like checking in on his father, but those that stayed to watch would here yelling and cursing in what seemed to be of another language, however, it came from the father, and not the son. People would see the son leave, looking malnourished and pale, after only a few minutes of the yelling of the father. Many rumors would go around that the father is abusive, or a warlock or possibly another spiritual being. But these claims would be shot down quickly as soon as they saw the kind old man leave the room looking sad, which would confuse even the locals, especially since the father came out looking youthful. You can see why the regulars would think he was a spiritual being. One day, a customer came in who had been coming in for as long as the store had stood. He asked the man
“Yang, why do you yell at your son? He seems like such a nice young man.”
“Well,” the man says with a sigh, “my son was born at a cost.”
“I do not understand,” the customer responded confused, “would you care to explain, if that’s all right of course.”
“No, no, it is ok.” The shop owner says “my wife was the cost of the son, if I had known, I never would have married the beautiful woman that she was if I could have saved her from the pain she suffered things would have been better.” 
“Did she die during childbirth?” the man asked.
“Yes, but not for any reason that you would understand,” the owner said ominously.
Suddenly the son burst through the doors and yelled a curse of some sort at his father and the father stumbled to the ground as a dark vapor rose from his lying body and hissed the sound of a thousand snakes.
“What is happening?'' the customer yelled.
“I’m finishing something my father was never strong enough to” the son said as the vapor began to take form into a ghost of the owner's once human form.
“You fool” the cloud hissed in the demonic sound of metal on teeth grinding together. 
“You should have let me finish your father the way he wanted, now, I will get to finish what I started all those years ago.” The entity jumped into the customer, and the body that once housed an average man, was transformed into a horrifying beast that ripped at the skin showing the grotesque muscles and veins that were now flowing with pure hatred and evil. The monster grabbed the boy and threw him across the store into a shelve of pottery, and as the son got up the monster rushed to him at an inhuman speed and plunged his hand into the boys stomach, and with the boys dying breath, he mumbled a curse that sent the vapor out of the man's body and as it exited it screamed, until it was gone.
The shop owner awoke to a disfigured man on his floor, and his son lying dead. The owner ran to his son screaming in terror, fear, and sadness, and when he arrived at his son's dead body, he held it and wept.


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    Hi Noah! I remember this story... any other plans for it? and welcome to WtW, even though I'm new too. Idk, I just felt like commenting.

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    Welcome to WtW! Looking forward to seeing more!
    btw, I love Artemis!

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