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Hi, I'm Briala I am 14. I love to dance sing and Write. I love to read. ( NOT A BOOKWORM) . I want to become a screenwriter. I love to listen to Tyler the creator, Billie Eillish, Driver Era.
I love playing the video game and watching youtube.

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Welcome to my profile. Here I will write stories and chapters and random topics I like. I would love to get to at least 50 followers. I hope you guys like my work.

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October 9, 2020

Segregationist means separation of different racial groups. Assimilationist means a person who participates in cultural integration and being antiracist means you don’t claim yourself as racist. All these words are all talking about the same topic,but each word is different too. Let’s talk about Segregationists. In the segregation years everything was separated. White kids over here, and colored kids over here. Kids couldn’t hangout with somebody because of segregation. Black people couldn’t do or have certain things than white people can. They had the privilege. Rosa Parks at first had to sit in the back of the bus, but she refused and sat in the front seat and when people asked her to get up she didn’t. All of that was happening because of segregation.   Assimilationists to me are being involved with protest for race, like the Black Lives Matter protest. Assimilationists could be black people protesting or a allie. Assimilationists could be anyone, they don’t have to be black to be one. Segregation means separation of racial groups while Assimilationist means a person who participates in cultural integration. Since we know the difference between those two, let’s see what Anti Racists have to say. When I think about this word I think about a person who doesn't claim themselves a racist, but will oppose racism and racial tolerance. Anti Racist people have to use their voice to prove racist people wrong. Now we know the difference between these words. Segregation is separation by race. Assimilationist is a person who participates in cultural integration. Anti Racist is a person who opposes racism and racial tolerance. 


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