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infinities & eternities: part I

October 15, 2020


We scream into the darkness.
We hide from the light.
We shelter the deepest parts of ourselves.
We shed the flaky layers like onions.
We give the easiest fragments of ourselves.
We sequester the real pieces of ourselves.
We display a shimmering facade as 
We are cracking, fracturing, shattering inside.
We do what feels necessary to survive.
We do it for the cruel world.
We are frozen like the recesses of Siberia.
We are bitter like the purest cacao.
We are blazing like the Sahara dunes.
We are burning brightly like a meteor.
Once—maybe twice, thrice, rarely four but with luck—
Shining for a flashing infinity—
Brilliant, resplendent, split-second infinities.
This is Part I of a series that I began a while ago, but I haven't written Parts III and V yet. I'm not sure it really has any personal meaning. I just like how it flows and looks, because I'm a heartfelt logophile. (Meaning I love words.) I think that the importance of this poem is in however you interpret it.
Made a slight revision based on a review from a dear friend. At least, I think it was this piece she reviewed...

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  • The Dreamer

    RE: Wow! I have a lot of book research to do now.( but book hunting is so fun) I have read the Magesterium.... it was amazing! I am busy reading School for Good and Evil.... so I am going to be busy for a while, but thanks for the recomendations!

    7 months ago
  • The Dreamer

    PS. I love history too! And I am an extreme overthinker!!!
    Percabeth is amazing. Percabeth and Hiccstrid. They are just so realistic and funny and sweet....

    7 months ago
  • The Dreamer

    This piece has great flow and I really liked the last few lines from "we are frozen in the recess of Siberia"
    RE: I have read Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus though Percy will always be better. I haven't read any more of Rick's books because altough I really like his stories and humour they are all very similar, you know? Do you have any book recs for me?

    7 months ago