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By: beth r.


Writing is just graceful word vomit, if you thing about it. You know, eloquent trash from our minds that we re-used and recycled, to reduce the capacity they take up. 
People always say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Guess that explains why some people find pieces of work more potent with beauty, while others can find that same piece of work potent with idiocy. 
Some works pollute the minds of others, much like the battered soda cans in our seas.
Writing is just beautiful mind-trash, really.

Message to Readers

something i had to write for school (compare writing to an inanimate object). I chose trash XD

Peer Review

I love how casual this piece is. You're immediately introducing your thoughts to the reader with so much leeway and no hesitation.

What grade did you get on this? I've gotta know! I like how you subtly integrated real-world problems into this work, but be careful with the transitions to and fro', it's a little shaky.

Reviewer Comments

I love this work, thanks for sharing it! I will now go forth and commit myself to mind-trash.