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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- addition to last chapter

September 3, 2016

PROMPT: Final Note

Harry is scarred in more than one way. The lightning bolt on his forehead is now but a reminder of what was. Today he has new pains, words that trigger nightmares. Memories that age him, and remind him of all he has lost that he loved.
Every mirror Harry passes he sees someone he doesn’t want to be. Lines under his eyes from sleep deprivation, because he knows that when he sleeps Voldemort isn’t dead. Pale skin from too little sunshine, because he knows that if he goes outside he has to be brave and pretend to be okay.
When he arrives home late and the house is eerily quiet. His mind is flooding with possible situations. Have they left, did they not love him? When Ginny isn’t at home for more than a few days, Harry becomes desperate for a phone call that will remove all the stress from his mind. When Lilly Luna screams at a passing shadow, Harry can hear the people from the Battle at Hogwarts all over again. When Harry finds James Sirius huddled in the darkest corner of his room, Harry remembers all the nights he spent pressed again the dorm window trying to get out of the common room. And when Albus Severus cries himself to sleep Harry can’t get the tears he’s shed over the loved ones he’s lost out of his head.
So even when all is well, he can hardly believe it to be so.


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