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I like writing poetry, short stories, and the occasionaly nonfiction piece.

Here you'll find all sorts of poetry, short stories, mini series about my boys, and some D&D (dungeons and dragons) tales. Hope you enjoy!

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I can't really be an angel, but I'll try to fight your demons

October 8, 2020


One day you said to me
You're not a girl
You're not a boy
You're an angel

I would never think so myself
But with the way you said it
I could never disagree

Your eyes were as soft
As you were in my arms
I can't hold you forever
But I'll protect you from harm

I don't think I'll ever be an angle
But if it means I can help fight of your demons
I'll be an angle just for you

I'll always be there
To wipe away your tears
To brush back a strand of your hair
I'll stick around for all the years

And any time you need me
Know that I'm only a call away
I'll answer if I can
I'll try to be there every day

You treat me like an angel
Even though I know I'm not
I'm totally unholy
And my stomach is tied in knots

But I will spread my wings
And fly you away from this place
We can be together
Without facing any disgrace
Not based off of anything, just thoughts. Delving into something that would make me uncomfortable, I suppose. 


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