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Hi! I am 13 years old and I am a strong Christian. I love to write original stories and fanfictions. I have published two picture books already and am working on a third!
....I have a zillion fandoms....

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I love Legos
Dinosaur lover
Star wars fanatic (especially the shows!)
Lover of Jesus!
Other movies that I like: Jurassic World, Tron Legacy, Night at the Museum
Published author in real life!

Favorite authors:
Erin Hunter (all books)
Tui T. Sutherland (Wings of Fire series)
Shannon Messenger (Keeper of the Lost Cities series)

Relational status: Any male of any species who attempts to go after ME will have his canine teeth knocked out and his wings/tail/face clawed somewhere.
...sorry about that...I am way too violent for myself in stories, but kinda squeamish in real life.

A Dragon's Guide to the Raptaurs, part 1 (I'll release part 2 later)

October 7, 2020


Raptaurs are intelligent, ferocious creatures, with the upper halves of men and lower halves of raptors. We share our planet with them, so it helps to know what they are and who they are.

Description: The human part of these creatures are slightly bigger than that of ordinary humans; however, the size difference is small enough for a Raptaur to walk around in a medium-height human house without bumping his head on the ceiling. Some have orange eyes.
The scales of the raptor part can come in virtually any color (often two colors), and are frequently in patterns or color graduations. On their human parts, Raptaurs usually wear some kind of clothing, but on their raptor parts, they usually do not wear anything, unless they are armored. Colored feathers ripple down the backs of some; female Raptaurs sometimes style these the way a human would with her hair.

​Belief System: Most Raptaurs are monotheistic; Christianity was brought to their planet in the 1990's. Polytheistic and ancestral religions remain in some of the most secluded, largely unknown packs, although human and Raptaur missionaries have begun expeditions into the mountains and jungles where these wild packs live. Some Raptaurs profess Judaism, although this is rare.

Language: Most Raptaurs are literate, and most speak English as well as their own language. The hisses, snarls, and growl of this language are truly fascinating; I'll put some common words here.
HHK-sss --Stay back.
Snauggghh --Who are you?
Rraugh --Hello.
Tchick, Tchick --One scaylus (a unit of money equal to five dollars and fifty cents in American money)
Rissssss --My name is/this word is my name. (For example, "Rrahk-hss" means "predator" or "hunter" but when said "rissss rrahk-hss" it means the name Hunter.)
Hckizz --King (but when said "Risssss hckeess" it means the name Rex.)
Wrshh --Man/mankind.
Wrsh-skss --Raptaur.
Raugh-hccn --Goodbye (literally, "until we meet again")
Rrahk --Hunt, kill (is also used figuratively to mean "eat")
Tchick-rrahk --Business/business owner (literally, "one who hunts for scayluses")
Skeehr --Friend/ally.


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  • Rohan’s Defender

    Re: sure! Okay, (book character descriptions since the movie is a tad different) so Katniss is 17, dark brown hair, grey eyes, I’d say not super tall. Gale is tall, also grey eyes and dark hair. He’s either 18 or maybe 19 in the second book (the one my fan fic takes place in). Peeta (my fictional boyfriend) is medium height, broad-shouldered, blond hair, and blue eyes. I can tell you more about the others too if you want.

    5 months ago
  • RemovedUser1

    This is actually pretty funny! I also like reading things like this. I especially love how you gave them human attributes like religion and a language.
    Replying: Haha, I'm glad you like both my poem and Pence! As for your question, there was a fly that sat on Pence's head for maybe 10 minutes, XD. He's the most famous fly around!
    Thanks! And, I meant on a large scale. Like, for banning all fossil fuels and ONLY using wind and solar. Its good for some things, though XD.

    5 months ago