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*only fake flowers are flawless*
*the human enigma*
*i'm actually a vampire*
*i'm just another sad poet*
*unbelievably traumatized*
*infatuated with human beings*

Message to Readers

gruesome beasts are the ones that reside in my mind


October 7, 2020


welcome to my mind,
riddled with disease
crawling with gruesome monsters
chaos that will never cease

they say i'm sick in the head,
i laugh at them all!
the devil gave me a ring,
so i picked up the call

malicious and calculating are the demons
that waltz through my headspace,
but you have them too,
you've no right to call ME a nutcase

the only difference is,
i listen to mine
give them what they want,
so they don't take over my mind

they think i'm crazy...


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