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Ignore my problems away

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

In the end they'll judge me anyway, so whatever

Message from Writer


Just wanted to say it's nice to meet you, even though I have no idea who you are. I hope whatever I write can make you see what I see. Can make you feel what I feel.
If I've achieved that, then I hope it's made you look at something from another perspective.

Life's too short to stop dreaming. Even when you feel like everything's going wrong, please take a breath and close your eyes. Take a minute to just take in everything, absorb everything. Let it fill you up before you let it out.

It's not always going to help, but reset yourself and just move on.

Because the present isn't going to wait for your past.

Metal Cage

October 7, 2020


I watch. Fascinated by the cool, almost see-through liquid. Water, they called it; the humans that lived on Earth. The specimen in front of me was some of the last ever seen and it was supposedly priceless. I wonder, what was it like to have been able to see and drink and have been able to swim in it. Not knowing the danger. Not knowing that it was all going to be lost by the solar flares and the Sun burning the planet to dry desert. 

We live in a metal cage. Trapped by our own minds and sheer stupidity. Because if we had perhaps been more foresighted, more able to open our minds; then maybe. Just maybe we might have been able to save mankind from the death of their planet. From the near-death of their own kind. 

But we lacked that foresight. Or rather, we chose not to listen to it. And so, we are trapped in a metal cage, floating within a black unknown, forever unsure of our life and existence. 

I watch. Looking at the beautiful holograms of flora and fauna. Of enormous elephants and slithering snakes. Of lazing leopards and chasing cheetahs. I watch and wonder. 
Wonder how they could have looked at the amazing planet and still have chosen to destroy and annihilate and extinguish more than 4.5 billion years worth of history. While not giving a care to the next generation. 

So I watch and I watch and I watch.
At the movie playing on the screen,
looking at what the world was,
and what it could have been.  

If only we had listened. 
To the children, 
who screamed,
Look! Get up from your screen
Look at the what you're killing

And so,
we should have seen. 



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  • Stone of Jade

    oh wow...this is scary yet so so powerful to think about

    8 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    This is really a powerful piece, thank you for sharing.

    8 months ago