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Most of my writing is just from the top of mind, get-it-on-the-page stuff. It doesn't always make sense, so any help with it is greatly appreciated!

When will it End?

October 7, 2020


The darkness consumes,
eating away until you are an empty husk of your former self.
You get to a certain point, 
a point when you know you can never come back.

You do that one thing, that one thing that's supposed to make it all better,
they say it makes it better,
why then, is it now worse?

"It gets better." 
Why? Tell me this, I did what they said to do,
I did everything right, and yet
it is still not any better than when I started.

Now, in this day and age, it is easier,
I can hide behind a mask, I can mask all of that pain. 
But at some point it will grow to be too much,
how can I be expected to live with this.

I cannot go on...
But I must, because those I love,
I care for them more than I care for myself.
And I am unable to hurt them in that way.


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