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Hi, I'm Briala I am 14. I love to dance sing and Write. I love to read. ( NOT A BOOKWORM) . I want to become a screenwriter. I love to listen to Tyler the creator, Billie Eillish, Driver Era.
I love playing the video game and watching youtube.

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Welcome to my profile. Here I will write stories and chapters and random topics I like. I would love to get to at least 50 followers. I hope you guys like my work.

Map it out

October 7, 2020

PROMPT: YOU, The Writer

Briala Shows many signs that she loves to write. In her writing she uses first person point of view. She says “ I am a purple deer, I am a  shy deer”. It's creative writing. When she says “I am a purple deer” It means the deer is quiet and all alone in the woods mindings its business. The deer is no harm. In the next poem she says she feels lonely like the giraffe in the poem, but poems show that she is alone in her thoughts, she's lonely and shy. She was passionate about her poems. Throughout her Poem it was based on her feeling happy and excited. 


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