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Toujours Chérie

October 7, 2020

PROMPT: All Talk

"Papa, I—I can't."
"Spread them."
"Then... she'll really be gone forever."
No—don't let her fall—she'll be everywhere with us. Forever."
"But, Papa, you're crying."
"My tears are streams, chérie. Yours are rivers. We both flow into the sea."
"Flutter your eyes now. Feel the sun kiss your tears. The waves lap your toes. Mama will be both."
"As long as we breathe the sky."
"...She's sailing like diamonds, Papa. Where?" 
"Feel it. Feel her."


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  • JustAnotherDarling

    this is heartbreaking (i have tears in my eyes!!) but amazingly written :D

    5 months ago
  • dream02


    5 months ago