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Dear Justice

October 9, 2020

Despite her eternal love for scrunchies, impeccable fashion sense, and killer workout plan, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg seemed to be an unlikely candidate to become a pop culture icon. But her fiery dissents and tireless advocacy have earned her the affection moniker the 'Notorious R.B.G'. And it is precisely for her selflessness, leadership, bravery, and sheer perseverance that her unexpected death has sent a deeply divided nation spiraling into mourning.

She all represented something different to us. For some, she was a feminist: a trailblazing pioneer who, despite being only one of nine women in a class of hundreds at Harward Law and getting rejected by multiple firms, went on to become the first Jewish woman on America's highest court - a stark departure from a Supreme Court ruling decades earlier that claimed women had been and would continue to be, dependent upon men. To others, she was a supportive wife and mother that raised a family all the while caring for her husband as he battled cancer.

But to me, she represented a facet of the American Dream that my family, like generations before us, believed in. She too was the daughter of an immigrant who faced rampant discrimination in her early childhood due to her faith. She too had a loving mother that encouraged her to pursue her interests and education in spite of an oppressive patriarchy.  This journey of a girl living in Brooklyn to becoming one of nine people who interpret our nation's most revered document had and always will inspire people like me, who frequently feel inadequate due to their background. 

And as a giant in the law, Justice Ginsburg gave a voice to people on all ends of the spectrum and of all colors of the rainbow. She dissented and fought for the sake of our republic, but with her death, it feels as if the democracy she had fought so hard to maintain is crumbling beneath my feet. And, believe it or not, the problem doesn't just lie in our Court or legislatures, but runs deep into the public itself. We can no longer call ourselves a nation because we have split into two: Democrat and Republican. Even Abraham Lincoln, America's greatest President, said "a house divided upon itself cannot stand" - yet that is exactly what we have become.

In the 21st century and the age of the information society, technology has rapidly accelerated the diffusion of ideas and conspiracies. Now, one word defines your position on immigration, gun reform, climate change, healthcare, the economy- even though we full know that one word alone can't solve even the most basic issues, let alone complex societal problems. More and more, it seems as if we are so focused on the politics surrounding Ginsburg's death, especially considering her replacement and how each party is responding to that decision, that we risk forgetting her legacy altogether: one which was of love, not hate; one of equality, not prejudice; one of opportunity, not belittlement.

America has stuck together for over 200 years: through Presidents good and bad, through wars international and internal, through innovation beneficial and detrimental. But with a pandemic that has already claimed 210,000 lives (and counting) and a disastrous economy that has disappointed millions, our Government has never failed us more. It astounds me how Congress cannot set aside their differences to pass a bill that will help so many Americans keep a roof over their heads. Our President continues to mismanage the biggest health crisis of the modern era, while state governments trip over each other to patch up cracks and gaping holes in reopening plans. Even though it is clear a Pandora's box of sins unknowable evils have been unleashed upon our country, our leaders refuse to cooperate and solve this crisis.

And yet this is precisely why we, more than ever, must learn and lead by Justice Ginsburg's example. We must use justice in the service of our liberty to fight for our beliefs, our loved ones, and ourselves. Together, we will stand for equality and fair treatment for everyone - regardless if they're American or immigrant, Black or white, rich or poor, citizen or cop. Together, we will preserve our home for future generations to enjoy by making America a safe haven for all dreamers. We will respect Mother Earth and all the glittering gems and dirty coal that we have harvested from her land. And most of all, we will exercise our fundamental right to vote to elect officials who prioritize their constituents.

More than an icon (with a following some pop stars might envy), Ruth Bader Ginsburg's fearless actions have transcended boundaries - and that shows. Though her death shattered millions of hearts across the globe - including mine - at least America briefly united in grief. Republican officials, from legislators to our President, praised Ginsburg for her historic achievements. Perhaps, in this rare show of solidarity, we can learn to correct our actions to prevent us from falling into deeper polarization. Starting with defining ourselves by our moments of unity, embracing and celebrating our differences, and remembering that at the core of democracy, lies we, the people: the true leaders of the United States of America.

Thus, let us shatter the labels that unfairly define us and break free from the ideologies that fill us with hate. Let us advocate and push for meaningful change that lasts beyond another term. Let us seeks solace in each other to find the highs after countless months of lows. Let us empathize with one yet settle for nothing less but the cold, hard truth. Let us keep life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness thriving and alive in Pandora's box.

Let us carry on Justice Ginsburg's legacy, together, as a house united.


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