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We are Strong

October 7, 2020

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." 
                                                                                        ~Pablo Picasso 
"You may say I am a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." 
                                                                            ~John Lennon 

​Slight trigger warning: mentions of suicide 

  I almost do not know how to put this but I will try my darnedest.

  For so many years, we've been the generation that was going to be the death of us all. "Gen Z," they say in scorn, "they only care about their phones, their social lives."
    "Her attitude-if she talks back one more time," 
"She couldn't even talk to her teacher if she wanted to. She is just an introverted brat who refuses to speak." 
    Well I'm done. I'm down with getting shoved to the sidelines, tabled as too naive and not intelligent enough for the world.
     We are told that we couldn't even run a mile for our lives. They say that they wish for the old ways, how they didn't speak unless spoken to, were always polite, and never was rude to their parents or had a bad word against them. We are put down, naysayed, and made ourselves feel small for having a differing opinion. We're Microscopic. Deluded. Insane. 
Psychopathic, even. 
    I saw a documentary with my family, The Social Dilemma. I saw that depression and suicide rates had gone through the roof. They said that we were reluctant to take more risks, to have adventures, to merely date. They blamed it all on media, said that the "unrealistic standards" were making us doubt ourselves. Well yeah. But I am here to say that maybe it isn't all just the social medias. Maybe if there was more encouragement in the world, from the people you love the most.  Maybe if there was one more "you are enough" in the world, that number would be nonexistent. Maybe more of us could be more. 
     So maybe we aren't all what people think of us--self absorbed, cocky, obsessed with the idea of phones and boyfriends and being popular. 
    A few years ago, I came across the show Project Mc2. I saw girls with different abilities save the world. I saw a prima donna chemist, an Instagram orientated maniac, and a tom-boyish skateboarder collide with a physical, super smart teen. I thought that it was amazing, the way these individuals came together and created one brute, unstoppable force. But now I think, what if that could be us? What if, instead of these "children" who everyone thinks have no opinion, no intelligence, no common sense, we are actually amazing? What if we have values, opinions, and plans? 
What if, instead of the death of us
We are the life? 
It amazes me the way people overlook plots like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, ect., like they are all fun. A few people even think that it is Hollywood, trying to poison our minds with the rubbish of modern day idiocy. These were pieces of literature, created by singular people that had an idea. A spark, if you will. This spark, this beginning, has given people across the globe hope. "The only thing stronger then fear is hope." Who said that? The person who created The Hunger Games. 
A spark
What do people do with sparks?
They snuff them out. They wish for the old days, the days where nothing was questioned. Authority was authority, and if you thought differently you were shunned. The small people, the few who dared, they where shout down. Delusional. Insane. 
But what if that spark became a flame
If we came together, opinions and all, and became the flame? What if we all said absolutely not?
Maybe I can't shoot an AR-15, but maybe I can read eighty-nine military codes fluently. Maybe you can't read code, but maybe you can hack into the toughest malware systems created. What can you do? What if, instead of telling us what we can't do, shutting us down, humiliating us, making us feel worthless, we could come together and be an unstoppable, unbreakable force that would wreak havoc on the lies that define us?
    So I'm asking  you, the people, if we would dare to come together. If we could dare to think, dream, and plan with each other.
If we could dare to have an opposing opinion,
If we could dare to think for ourselves.  
We might be the last generation, but (excuse my language) we sure as hell won't be the worst.  

  There's a quote from when I was a child,
 "A person's a person, no matter how small." This quote, said by my first children's author, Theodore Seuss Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) has carried with me lately, and I think about it a lot. Some people will judge by ethnicity, gender, skin color. I have come to a conclusion. I don't care if you are black, white, Indian, American, trans, gay, atheist, or Christian-are we good people? Do we care?
We are the artists, the dreamers, the fighters, the believers in our society. We are the future. We dared to dream. Maybe we're dreamers. Maybe we are strange. We dared to fight. We have scars, battle scars, that we aren't ashamed of. We are broken, but not irreparable. We are Gen Z.

We are strong. 

second draft that I think is going well!

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