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I've never tried writing a story with only dialogue, but it has been fun trying it out.

Creating Water - a dialogue.

October 7, 2020

PROMPT: All Talk

    "I have an idea."
    "What is it this time?"
    "I promise it's not as crazy as last time."
    "It won't involve almost burning the building down?"
    "Of course not!"
    "And it won't be like that time when you flooded the third floor? Or the time you accidentally set Mr. Hernandez's bunny on fire or the time when-"
    "OK, I get it! There's been a lot of trial and error during my experiments. But I promise you, this time will be different!"
    "Just get it over with."
    "OK. So. What if we try to create a way so that people can have an infinite supply of water?"
    "Don't we already have an infinite supply of water?"
    "Yes, but some dryer places have a less infinite supply."
    "What is that supposed to mean?"
    "I mean places with less rainfall don't get enough water in their wells all the time, so droughts can be devastating. But what if everyone could just create water?"
    "What do you mean? How would that work?"
    "People could burn hydrogen and oxygen to create water. They wouldn't have to carry around water bottles!"
    "Wouldn't this thing have to be pretty big?"
    "Not necessarily."
    "Whatever. You do what you wanna do. I'm not helping you."
    "Pwetty please?"
    "Oh, please no, not the puppy eyes!"
    "Why don't you help a poor amateur inventor wike me?"
    "Pwease, Bwuno?"
    "Ugh, fine! You win! But you manage all the patenting stuff!"
    "Perfect! Let's get to work!"

    "This looks dangerous."
    "Trust me, it's fine! you're just paranoid."
    "I'm not paranoid, I'm just concerned for our well-being. This looks like it could blow up any second!"
    "Well it  hasn't blown up yet, so that's a good sign."
    "So what?"
    "So I thought that this would have blown up already. The fact that is hasn't means that we're off to a good start"
    "Wait, what?"
    "Hydrogen and oxygen, if not handled carefully while mixing together, can create a hydrogen bomb. Now carefully place in the test tube. Don't shove it in or it will crack."
    "I know what I'm doing."
    "Ow! That's hot! Stupid thing, just stick in there! Ah!"
    "What is it?"
    "I told you not to jam it in or it would crack! See, the hydrogen and oxygen are fusing together in the wrong way! It's gonna blow!"
    "I told you this was a bad idea!"
    "We can talk later! Run!"

    "Phew. The fire department got here just in time."
    "Don't you have something to say for yourself?"
    "You know what I'm talking about, Aiden! You almost blew up the whole apartment building! If the building wasn't owned by my uncle, he would've kicked you out ages ago! I agreed to let you room with me, hoping that you wouldn't constantly be causing property damage. I only let you stay here because you got kicked out of the dorm. You've been a good friend to me, you really have, but my parents are acting like letting you stay here with me is like me joining a gang! And it'll take a lot of convincing to let my uncle keep you here. If this happens again, he might kick both of us out!"
    "Bruno, I'm sorry. I know my experiments have gotten kind of crazy lately, but please just let me stay at least until the end of year when we graduate. Then after that I will have salvaged up enough money to by a small house near the university, where I'll get my degree and then hopefully be able to work in a lab and then work my way up to being able to work on my own experiments with safe equipment. Please, can't we work this out?"
    "OK. I'll let you stay. On one condition: you go on a hiatus and focus on non-sciencey life."
    "For how long?"
    "Until the end of the year, like you said. Deal?"


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  • RemovedUser1

    Hahaha!! This is really funny! I love it! And that part where he says it might make a hydrogen bomb, XD! Great ending too! You did a great job with this prompt! Oh and the beginning where he’s naming all the stuff that went wrong.... lol. It reminds me of Doodleninja’s series “Stereo Tropes,” which is really funny.
    Also, great profile pic and name change!

    4 months ago
  • dream02

    Hahaha this is awesome!

    4 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    Replying: Thanks for reading! I super appreciate any feedback you can give me! <3

    4 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable

    Replying: My Eight People To Go series should end by next week at the most, so I will start the Luna series after that! Also, SpookyC and I are contemplating doing a collab based on Harry Potter in case you're interested! <3

    4 months ago
  • Currently Unavailable


    4 months ago
  • LindytheRavenclaw

    hahahahahah yessss
    re: thanks:) in your opinion, do you think I should choose a different topic--this too intense? I tend to just say what I'm thinking, but my sisters told me I should write things for myself/write that I know.

    4 months ago
  • Spade

    Hilarious! This is amazing!

    4 months ago